Job 37

Thomson(i) 1 on the account of this my heart was troubled, and moved violently out of its place. 2 Hear the report made by the fierce anger of the Lord! when a threat shall proceed from his mouth; 3 as his dominion extendeth over all under heaven, and his light over the wings of the earth; 4 after it he will thunder with a voice; he will thunder with the voice of his indignation. [And should it not make a change in those men when he shall cause his voice to be heard?] 5 With his voice the Almighty will thunder to our astonishment; for he hath done great things which we cannot comprehend; 6 issuing a command to snow, be thou on the earth; When the tempest and storms of rain, under his command 7 seal up against the hand of every man, that every man may know his own weakness; 8 when the beasts have entered their coverts, and have gone to rest on their beds; 9 sorrows issue forth from their chambers, and cold from its lofty summits; 10 which by the blast of the Almighty produce frost, and governeth the water as he pleaseth. 11 But when a cloud covereth a man of his choice, his light can disperse the cloud: 12 and he at his sovereign pleasure, can cause the revolving agents to return to their works. 13 What things soever he giveth them in charge: these are ordered by him on the earth; and whether they be for correction, or for the benefit of the earth; or for mercy, he is to be found in them. 14 Hearken, Job, to these things and stand instructed with regard to the power of the Lord. 15 We know that God hath disposed his works; that he hath made light out of darkness; 16 That he knoweth the different purposes of clouds, and the miraculous fall of wicked men. 17 Now thy cloathing is warm and there is peace in the land. 18 With him are powerful cordials for inveterate disorders: what an appearance of an infusion! 19 Therefore teach me what we shall say to him. And let us refrain from much speaking. 20 Have I had a book or a scribe by me, that by stopping the man I could be silent? 21 Though the light is not visible to all, there is a brightening in the heavens, like that which cometh in clouds from him. 22 From the north the clouds brighten like fulgent gold. 23 For these things great is the glory and honour of the Almighty. As we cannot find another equal to him in majesty; dost thou not think that he who judgeth righteously will hear? 24 Men therefore ought to fear him. They indeed who are wise in heart, will fear him.