Romans 13:8-10

JMNT(i) 8 You folks are not to be continual debtors (or: do not be in the habit of owing even one thing) to anyone, except to be constantly loving one another, for the person continually loving the different one (or: the other person) has made full the Law (has fulfilled law [or: = Torah] and custom) (or: You see, the one constantly loving has fulfilled the other, different law). 9 You see, the [Law, or Torah, says or prophesies], "You will not continue committing adultery," "You will not continue committing murder," "You will not continue stealing," "You will not continue to over-desire (crave; covet; lust)," [Ex. 20:13-14; Deut. 5:17- 18] and if any different implanted goal (impartation of the finished product within; inward directive), it continues being summed up in this word, namely, "You will continue loving your near one (participate with uniting and unambiguous acceptance with your close one, associate, or neighbor) as yourself." [Lev. 19:18] 10 Love is not habitually working [the] worthless (poor quality; base; bad; evil; harm) for (or: to; with) the near one (the associate; the neighbor). Love [is], then, that which fills up Law's full measure (the entire contents of law and custom; [the] Law's [= Torah's] fulfillment).