Romans 13:8-10

  8 G3784 [G5720] Owe G3367 no man G3367 any thing G1508 , but G25 [G5721] to love G240 one another G1063 : for G25 [G5723] he that loveth G2087 another G4137 [G5758] hath fulfilled G3551 the law.
  9 G1063 For G3431 0 this, Thou shalt G3756 not G3431 [G5692] commit adultery G5407 0 , Thou shalt G3756 not G5407 [G5692] kill G2813 0 , Thou shalt G3756 not G2813 [G5692] steal G5576 0 , Thou shalt G3756 not G5576 [G5692] bear false witness G1937 0 , Thou shalt G3756 not G1937 [G5692] covet G2532 ; and G1536 if there is any G2087 other G1785 commandment G346 [G5743] , it is briefly comprehended G1722 in G5129 this G3056 saying G1722 , namely G25 [G5692] , Thou shalt love G4675 thy G4139 neighbour G5613 as G1438 thyself.
  10 G26 Love G2038 [G5736] worketh G3756 no G2556 ill G4139 to one's neighbour G3767 : therefore G26 love G4138 is the fulfilling G3551 of the law.