JMNT(i) 1 Paul, one sent as a representative (emissary; envoy) – not with a commission from people, nor through a human, but rather through Jesus Christ, as well as Father God (or: through Jesus, [the] Anointed One, and God [the] Father), the One arousing and raising Him forth from out of the midst of dead folks – 2 and all the brothers (= fellow believers) together with me, to the called-out folks (or: to the called-out communities and gatherings; to the summoned-forth congregations of people) of [the province of] Galatia: 3 In, for and with you folks [are] (or: To you people [be]) grace and joyous favor, as well as peace (= shalom), from God, our Father and Owner, Jesus Christ (or: from our Father God, even [the] Lord, Jesus Christ; or: from God our Father, and [the] Master, Jesus [the] Anointed) 4the One at one point giving Himself, over [the situation of] (or: on behalf of; for the sake of; [p46, Aleph*, A, D & other MSS read: concerning]) our failures (situations and occasions of falling short or to the side of the target; deviations; mistakes; errors; sins) so that He could carry us out from the midst of the present misery-gushing and worthless age (or: bear us forth from the indefinite period of time – characterized by toil, grievous plights and bad situations – having taken a stand in [our] midst; or: extricate us from the space of time having been inserted and now standing in union with base qualities), corresponding to (or: down from; in accord with; in line with; in the sphere and to the level of) the effect of the will (or: intent; purpose; design) of our God and Father, 5 in Whom [is] the glory (or: by Whom [is] the manifestation which calls forth praise; for Whom [is] the reputation; with Whom [comes] an appearance which creates and effects opinions in regard to the whole of human experience) on into the indefinite times of the ages (or: into the [crowning and most significant] eons of the eons). It is so! (Count on it; Amen!) 6 I am constantly amazed (or: I continue filled with wonder) that you folks are so quickly being progressively transplanted (or, as a middle voice: are thus now quickly transferring yourselves or changing your stand) from the One (or: that [message]) calling you people, within Christ's grace (or: in [the] favor of the Anointed One), on into a different sort of “message of goodness” (unto a different evangel, “good news,” or gospel; = into an imitation and alternative message of goodness, ease or well-being) – which is NOT "another" one of the same kind (= not just another version)! 7 But instead that there are certain folks – the ones constantly agitating (stirring up; disturbing) you folks – even repeatedly wanting (or: intending) to alter and distort (turn so as to change; pervert) Christ's message of goodness, ease and well-being (or: the good news which is the Anointed One; or: the evangel about and from the [Messiah]). 8 However, even if we – or an agent from the atmosphere or sky (or: a messenger from out of the midst of heaven)! – should ever bring or announce something as "good news" (as the message of goodness; as being the evangel or gospel) to you folks which is to the side of that which we announce (or: is parallel to what we announced) to you folks in the message of goodness, ease and well-being, let it be placed on the altar before the Lord (set up as a result of a divine offering [i.e., to see if it is "accepted" by God, or "rejected," as Cain's was]; or, possibly: cursed). 9 So as we have said before (or: = above [in vs. 8]), and I am right now presently saying again, if anyone is habitually announcing (proclaiming) as "good news" that which is to the side of that which you receive (or: took to your side), let it be placed on the altar before God (set up as a result of a divine offering [to see if it's acceptable]; or, possibly: cursed). 10 Come now, am I at the present moment habitually appealing to humans, or God? (or: am I right now constantly trying to convince and persuade mankind, or God ?) Or, am I repeatedly seeking to keep on pleasing and accommodating people (humans)? If I had been still continuing to please and accommodate people (mankind), I would not have been being Christ's slave. 11 You see, [otherMSS: Now] I am habitually making it intimately known to you folks by experience, brothers: that the message of goodness and well-being – the one being announced and proclaimed as "good" news by (or: under) me – is not down from or according to a person (or: is not corresponding to something human; is not on the level of or in the sphere of humanity), 12 for I myself neither received it to my side from a human (or: from beside a person), nor was I taught [it], but to the contrary, [it came] through an unveiling of Jesus Christ (or: through an uncovering pertaining to Jesus [the Messiah]; through a revelation from Jesus Christ; by means of a disclosure which is [the] Anointed Jesus). 13 For you hear (or: heard) about my former way of life (one-time conduct and behavior) within the traditional Jewish culture and religion (Judaism), that corresponding to excessive action (a throwing over and casting beyond) I was hastening in hostile pursuit, continuing to persecute God's called-out group of people (the community whose source is God; the ecclesia pertaining to God), and I kept on trying to lay it waste (or: continued sacking and devastating it). 14 And so I was progressively cutting forward and kept on advancing within Judaism (the culture and religion of the Jews) over and above many contemporaries (folks of the same age) within my race, being inherently more exceedingly zealous pertaining to the traditions of my fathers (or: for the things handed over, given alongside or delivered which originated with my ancestors). 15 Yet when God – the One marking off boundaries to separate and sever me from out of my mother's womb (or: cavity; [comment: a figure of the religion of the Jews]), and calling [me] through His grace and favor – thought well (or: delights and takes pleasure) 16 to unveil (reveal; uncover; disclose) His Son within the midst of me (or: in union with me), to the end that I in myself (or: for myself; by myself; of myself) would announce and proclaim the message of goodness, [which is] Him, within the ethnic multitudes (or: may bring and tell the message of ease and well-being: Him [now] among the nations), I did not immediately place myself back toward flesh and blood (= present my cause up for the approval of other people; consult anyone; seek communication or advice from my race, kin or religion), 17 neither did I go up into Jerusalem, toward those [who were] people sent off (= to face and be with the commissioned representatives) previous to me, but rather, I went off into Arabia, then later I again returned into Damascus. 18 Later on, after three years, I went up into Jerusalem to become acquainted with (or: to inquire of, examine and get information from) Cephas [some MSS: Peter] while visiting him and relating my story to him, and then stayed on with him for fifteen days. 19 Yet a different one of (or: another one from) those sent with commissions (the envoys; the representatives) I did not see, except Jacob (= James), the Lord's brother. 20 Now what I am presently writing to you folks (or: for you folks), consider! In God's sight, I am not lying! 21 Later, I came into the slopes of the regions of Syria and Cilicia. 22 Yet I was continuing being unknown by personal experience – by face – to the called-out groups (the summoned-forth communities) within Christ, of the Judean area. 23 Indeed, they were only hearing from time to time that, "The one once habitually pursuing and persecuting us is now habitually announcing as good news the faith (or: the belief, confident trust and allegiance) which once he kept on laying waste and devastating." 24 And in me [i.e., in my case or situation] they kept on glorifying God (or: began giving credit to God and expanding His reputation; or: So they began presuming, imagining and then continued regarding God [as being] within the midst of, and in union with, me).