Coverdale(i) 1 Paul an Apostle (not of men, nor by ma, but by Iesus Christ & by God the father, which raysed him vp fro ye deed) 2 & all the brethre which are wt me. Vnto the cogregacios in Galacia. 3 Grace be with you, and peace fro God the father, and oure LORDE Iesus Christ, 4 which gaue him selfe for oure synnes, that he mighte delyuer vs from this present euel worlde, acordinge to the wyll of God oure father, 5 to whom be prayse for euer and euer. Amen. 6 I maruell yt ye are so soone turned (from him that called you in the grace of Christ) vnto another Gospell: 7 which is nothinge els, but that there be some, which trouble you, and intende to peruerte the Gospell of Christ. 8 Neuertheles though we oure selues, or an angell from heaue preach vnto you eny other Gospel, the yt which we haue preached vnto you, the same be acursed. 9 As we haue sayde afore, so saye we now agayne: Yf eny ma preach vnto you eny other thinge, the yt ye haue receaued, ye same be acursed. 10 Preach I men now or God? Or go I aboute to please men? Yf I shulde yet please men, I were not the seruaunt of Christ. 11 But I certifye you brethren, yt the Gospell which is preached of me, is not of men. 12 For I nether receaued it ner lerned it of ma, but by the reuelacion of Iesus Christ. 13 For ye haue herde of my conuersacion afore tyme in the Ieweshippe, how that beyode measure I persecuted the cogregacion of God, and spoyled it, 14 and preuayled in the Ieweshippe aboue many of my companyons in my nacion, & was a moch more feruent manteyner of the tradicions of the fathers. 15 But whan it pleased God which separated me fro my mothers wombe, and called me by his grace, 16 for to declare his sonne in me, that I shulde preach him thorow the Gospell amonge the Heythen, immediatly I commened not of the matter with flesh and bloude: 17 nether came I to Ierusalem vnto them which were Apostles before me: but wente my wayes in to Arabia, and came agayne to Damascon. 18 Then after thre yeare I came to Ierusale to se Peter, and abode with him fyftene dayes. 19 As for the other Apostles, I sawe none of them, saue Iames the LORDES brother. 20 The thinges that I wryte vnto you, beholde, God knoweth, I lye not. 21 After that wente I in to the coastes of Syria and Celicia: 22 but of face I was vnknowne to ye Christen congregacions in Iewrye. 23 Neuertheles they had herde onely, that: He that persecuted vs in tyme passed, preacheth now ye faith which some tyme he destroyed: 24 and they praysed God in me.