JMNT(i) 1 Paul, a sent-forth person belonging to Jesus Christ (or: an emissary from, and a representative pertaining to, Jesus, [the] Anointed One [= Messiah]) through and by means of God's will (resolve; determined purpose; resultant choice), to all those who continue being set-apart folks (or: holy ones; saints) [other MSS add: within Ephesus], as well as to believing folks (or: trusting and loyal people) within, in union with and centered in Christ Jesus: 2 Grace and peace [= shalom] to you (or: Favor and harmony [are] in and with you folks) from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: from our Father-God, even the Owner, Jesus [the Messiah]; or: from God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ). 3 Characterized by and full of thoughts of well-being, good words and messages of ease (or: Worthy of being spoken well of) [is] the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ the One speaking Good to (or: blessing; expressing thoughts of well-being to) us within every spiritual good word (or: thought of well-being and blessing having the qualities of the Breath-effect) within the things situated upon the heavens (or: in the midst of the phenomena upon the atmospheres; [participating] in the full, perfected heavenlies; in union with the celestials) centered in, resident within, and in union with, Christ ([the] Anointed One), (or, taking eulogetos in apposition with a predicative force: The God and Father of our Owner, Jesus [the] Anointed One, [has] the qualities of a Word of goodness. He [is] the One speaking goodness, ease and well-being [to] us in every thought, word and expression of goodness which embodies the qualities of [the] Breath-effect resident within the superimposed atmospheres within the midst of Christ, and in union with [His] anointing,) 4 even as He chose us out (or: selects and picks us out) within Him, and in union with Him, before [the] (or: prior to a) casting down (or: a laying of the foundation; a conception) of [the] ordered system (world; universe; cosmic order; or: human aggregate), [for] us to continuously be set-apart ones (or: to progressively exist being sacred and dedicated people) and flawless folks (people without stain; blameless ones) in His sight and presence (or: in the midst of the sphere of His gaze) in union with love. [or, putting this last phrase at the beginning of vs. 5:] 5 In love [He was] marking us out beforehand (or: definitively appointing us in advance; before-setting our boundaries and defining us, with a designation) [and directing us] into a placing in the condition of a son (or: a deposit of the Son; a setting in place which is the Son; the constituting as a son; a placing in the Son) through and by means of Jesus Christ [moving us] into Himself, according to (or: down from; in correspondence with; following the pattern of) the good thought, the intention of well-being, and the well-imagined delight of His will (determined purpose). 6 [This was] with a view unto praise of His grace's glory (or: This [led] into [the] praise of [the] reputation and honorable consideration of His favor) with which He graced us (or: favors and gifts us with grace) within the One having been, and continuing being, loved (or: the Beloved One; or: the One having been given and now expressing the essence and qualities of love; [some MSS: within His beloved Son]), 7 within and in union with Whom we continuously have (constantly hold; progressively possess) the redemption (the release into freedom procured by the payment of a ransom; the liberation from our predicament) through His blood the sending away (causing to flow off; forgiveness; dismissal) of the effects and results of the fallings-aside (the stumblings by the side; wrong steps; offences; transgressions), in accordance with (or: down from; corresponding to; in keeping with; to the level of) the wealth and riches of His grace and joyous favor, 8 which He caused to superabound around [and] unto us (or: which He makes to be more than enough unto us; which He excessively supplied and then lavishes into us) within the midst of, in union with and centered in all wisdom (or: in every wise thing) and thoughtful prudence (gut-intelligence; mindful purpose; considered understanding). 9 [This occurred] while making known to us (acquainting us by intimate, experiential knowledge; suddenly making us to realize) the secret (mystery; hidden knowledge) of His will (determined purpose; resolve) in accord with (or: down from and following the pattern of; corresponding to; in line with) His good thought which He before placed within Himself (or: corresponding to the measure of His pleasing imagination and intent of well-being which He designed beforehand and determined by setting it forth within Himself), 10 [leading] into a planned administration of the effects of that which fills up the appointed seasons and fertile moments (or: unto a dispensing of the entire contents of the opportune situations; [leading] into a house-law of the result from the full measure of the fitting situations and a management of the household of the complement of the seasons; into an administration of the full effect from the eras), [designed] to itself bring back all things (or: the whole) up under one Head (or: to bring back to and gather round the main point and source of all things) within and in union with the Christ: those things upon [other MSS: within] the heavens (or: the atmospheres) and the things upon the land (earth) within and in union with Him! 11 Within and in union with Whom we were (or: are) also chosen (or: appointed) by lot (or: were made an allotted portion; or: received an inheritance), being previously marked out (or: being before designated) in keeping with (or: down from; corresponding to; in accord with) a before-placed (or: predetermined-by-setting-forth) aim anddesign of the One continuously operating (effecting; energizing) all things (or: the whole) in accord with (or: down from; in line with; in correspondence to) the deliberated purpose (intent; design; plan; determined counsel) of His will (or: resultant decision of His resolve; effect of His desire), 12 [and progressing] into the [situation for] us to continuously be (or: exist) [oriented and moving] into [the] praise and approval of His glory and reputation [we] being the ones having before placed expectation within the Christ and who have left our expectation there (or: the folks who have continued expectantly hoping in advance [of others]). 13 Within and in union with Whom you also, upon hearing the Word of the Truth (or: the thought and idea of Reality; the message of the Logos) the good news (the message of goodness, ease and well-being) of your [other MSS: of our] deliverance (rescue; return to health and wholeness; salvation) within and in union with Whom also, upon trusting and believing, you are stamped (or: weresealed; marked for acceptance, or with a signet ring; = personally authorized) by the set-apart Breath-effect of The Promise (or: with the holy attitude of assurance; in the sacred essence of the promise; or: by the Holy Spirit which is the Promise) 14 Which is continuously a pledge of our inheritance (or: Who remains being an earnest payment, a security and the first installment of our portion which was acquired by lot) [and brought] into a redemption (a release into freedom, procured by the payment of a ransom,) from that which was made to surround [you] (or: of the encircling acquisition; or: which is that which has been constructed as a perimeter around [us]), [leading] into the praise and approval of His glory (or: the praise from His manifestation which calls forth admiration and which yields a good opinion and reputation; the approval which pertains to His imagination)! 15 On account of this, I also, on listening to (or: after hearing) along with and in accord with you folks (or: in the same sphere as you; down from you; on the same level with you people) the faith resident within the midst of the Lord Jesus (or: the trust centered in the Owner, Jesus; the loyalty based on union with the Master, Jesus), as well as the love and unrestricted acceptance [being dispersed] unto all the folks set apart (holy ones; saints), 16 [I] do not pause (or: cease; stop myself) in continuously giving thanks over you (or: speaking good favor on your behalf; or: expressing the well-being of grace because of your [situation or condition]), constantly making mention (constructing a recollection; producing for myself a mental image) upon the [occasions] of my speaking and thinking toward having wellness and goodness (or: imparted desires; prayers), 17 to the end that the God of (or: pertaining to; or, reading the genitive as in apposition: Who is) our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of the Glory, might give (suddenly impart) to you a spirit (or: breath-effect; attitude) of wisdom and revelation (unveiling; uncovering; disclosure) within the midst of a full, experiential and intimate knowledge of Himself (or: in a full realization of Him; or: within and in union with His full, personal knowledge; or: resident within an added insight from Him, and which is Him), 18 the eyes of your heart (= the insights and perceptions of the core of your being) having continued being enlightened (or: being progressively illuminated into a state of enlightenment) into the [situation for] you folks to have seen and thus perceive and know what is the expectation (or: expectant hope) of His calling (or: from HIS calling; belonging to His summons; from the invitation which is Him) and what [is] the wealth and riches from the glory (or: of the imagination and opinion; pertaining to the reputation) of and from the enjoyment of His lot-acquired inheritance within, in union with, and among the set-apart, sacred people. 19 And further, [I pray that you may know] what [is] the continually surpassing greatness (or: the constantly transcendent, repeatedly overshooting and thrown-beyond huge extent) of His ability and power [being given] unto, and into, us the people continuously believing, progressively trusting and constantly loyal in accord with (or: down from; corresponding to) the operation (or: energizing; internal working) of force (or: might) of His strength, 20 which is operative (or: which He exerted and inwardly worked) within the Christ (the Anointed One; = the Messiah), awakening and raising Him forth from out of the midst of dead folks and then seating Him within (or: = at) His right [hand] (or: in union with the place of honor, strength and receiving which is Him), within the things (or: among the folks, places or realms) situated upon the heavens (or: in the super-heavenlies; within the full, perfected heavenlies; in union with the celestials; among the folks [residing] upon the atmospheres), 21 up over (or: back above) every primacy (or: ruler; principality; government; controlling effect; or: beginning; origin) and authority (or: right and privilege from out of being) and power (or: ability) and lordship (or: ownership), as well as every name being continually named not only within this age, but also within the impending one (the one being presently about to come) 22 and then placed and aligned all people in humbleness under His feet (or: and arranges everyone in a supportive position by His feet; or: then by the feet which are Him He subjects all things), and yet gives (or: gave) Him, [as] a Head (or: Source; origin and beginning of a series; or: extreme and top part) over all humanity and all things, for the called-out community (or: and as a Head over all humanity, gave Him to the summoned and gathered assembly; or: and then by the called-forth congregation He gives Him [to be the] Source over [the situation] of, and for, all humanity), 23 hich [community] is His body, the result of the filling from, and which is, the One Who is constantly filling all things within all humanity (or: which continues existing being His body: the resultant fullness, entire content and full measure of Him [Who is] progressively making full and completing all things in union with all things, as well as constantly filling the whole, in all people).