2 Corinthians 13

JMNT(i) 1 I am habitually coming to you folks – this third time, now! "Upon [the] mouth of two witnesses – and of three – every effect of a flow (gush-effect; matter; declaration; saying) will continue being made to stand." [Deut. 19:15] 2 I have said before, and I continue saying beforehand – as continuing present, the second time, and yet now continuing absent – to those having before failed (sinned), and still continuing thus – and to all the rest – that if I should ever come again into the [area], I will not continue to spare or refrain, 3 since you continue seeking a proof of the Christ continuously speaking within and in union with me – Who [having come] into you folks is not being weak, but rather continues powerful (or: capable) within and in union with you folks. 4 For even though He was crucified from out of weakness (or: put to death on a torture stake forth from the midst of weakness), yet in contrast He is continuously living from out of the midst of God's power and ability. For you see, we ourselves also continuing being weak within (or: in union with) Him, but still we shall continue living together with Him from out of the midst of God's power and ability [which is also directed] into you folks. 5 Keep on examining and making trial of yourselves, since you exist being in union with the confidence and faith (or: whether you continue being [and thus, living] within the midst of trust); repeatedly test and assay yourselves so as to approve of yourselves and come to meet the desired specifications. Or are you not now fully aware nor presently recognizing yourselves, with accurate insight: that Jesus Christ constantly exists being within the midst of and in union with you people? – since you are surely not unable to stand the test, nor are you disapproved or disqualified! (or: – except you are somewhat disqualified.) 6 Yet I continue expecting that you folks will progressively come to know by intimate experience that we ourselves are not unable to stand the test, nor are we disapproved or disqualified! 7 Now we habitually hold good thoughts and have wishes of ease and wellness toward God, asking [that] you folks do nothing worthless or of bad quality – not so that we, ourselves, can appear (or: should be made to be seen) as approved or qualified, but rather so that you yourselves can (or: should; would) be habitually doing that which is beautiful (or: constantly constructing the ideal; repeatedly making what is fine), even though we ourselves may be as ones disapproved and disqualified (= should look as if we had failed the test and are discredited). 8 For you see, we continue powerless (unable; incapable) [to do] anything against (or: [to be] putting down) reality or the Truth, but to the contrary, [we have power and ability] over reality, and for the sake of the Truth. 9 So we are constantly rejoicing whenever we ourselves may continue being weak, yet you, yourselves, may continue being able and powerful. We are also constantly holding this good thought, asking with wishes of ease and wellness: your complete adjustment (your thoroughly being knitted together, made completely equipped in full readiness, and adapted in perfect unity). 10 Therefore, being absent, I am now writing these things, to the end that [when] being present I may not severely employ the rights that accord with the authority (or: harshly behave in the sphere from out of [my] existence; act in a cutting-off way along the line of what is out of Being) which the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] gave, and gives, to and in me; [a privilege which leads] into building the house up, and not into tearing [it] down. 11 As to the rest, brothers (= fellow believers and members – family), be habitually rejoicing (or: be progressively happy); be continuously adjusted so as to be completely equipped and fully made ready while being thoroughly knitted together into perfect unity; be repeatedly called alongside to give or be given aid, relief, comfort and encouragement; constantly mind the same thing and agree, being of the same opinion (have the same frame of mind and be mutually disposed); continuously dwell in and with peace (be at and keep peace; be in and cultivate harmony; live in [shalom]) – and the God of the Love and Peace (or: the God Who is the urge toward reunion and harmony) will continue being with you folks. 12 Greet and embrace one another within a set-apart expression of affection (or: holy and sacred kiss). 13 All the set-apart folks (holy ones; sacred people) constantly embrace you folks and send you their best. 14 The grace from, and joyous favor of, the Lord – Jesus Christ – and (or: even) the love of God (or: the unambiguous, uniting acceptance and participation from, which is, and has the character of, God), and the common-existence partnership, sharing, communion and participation of the set-apart Breath-effect (or: of and from the Holy Spirit; or: which is a sacred spirit and attitude) [continue being] with all of you folks. It is so (Count on it; Amen)! [written circa A.D. 56 – Based on the critical analysis of John A.T. Robinson]