2 Corinthians

JMNT(i) 1 Paul, one sent off as a representative from Jesus Christ (or: an emissary of Jesus [the Messiah]; an envoy of [the] Anointed Jesus) through the effect of God's will and purpose, and Timothy, the brother. To God's called-out community – the one being (existing) within the midst of Corinth – together with all those set apart (the holy ones; the saints or sacred people) being (existing) within [the] whole [region of] Achaia: 2 Grace (The influence and boon of gracious favor, kindness, joy and goodwill) and peace (or: harmony; [= shalom]) from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: from our Father, God, and [the] Owner, Jesus [the] Anointed [= Messiah]). 3 The God and Father of our Master, Jesus Christ (or: our Lord and Owner, Jesus [the] Anointed One [= Messiah]) [is] One full of words of ease and thoughts of wellness (or: [is] well-spoken of and blessed): the Father of the compassions and sympathetic acts of pity, and God of every entreaty and of every calling to one's [or: His] side for aid, relief, comfort, consolation and encouragement (or: a God who is all the functioning of a Paraclete), 4 the One continuously calling us to receive aid, relief, comfort, consolation and encouragement at [His] side (or: the One habitually functioning as our Paraclete) upon [the occurrence of] all our squeezing pressure (or: our every affliction, tribulation and oppression), [then directing and leading] us into the [sphere or situation] to in turn continue able – and to constantly have power – to keep on performing as paracletes in repeatedly giving aid, relief, comfort, consolation and encouragement for those within the midst of every pressure (oppression; squeezing, affliction and tribulation) – [and this] through means of the [same] assistance with which we, ourselves, are being constantly called alongside by God to receive as aid, relief, comfort, consolation and encouragement [from Him] (or: from which we, ourselves, are habitually being given the services of the Paraclete by God) – 5 because correspondingly as the effects and results of (or: from) the Christ's experiences and sufferings are progressively superabounding into (or: encompassing in full measure unto) us, in the same way, through the Christ (or: the Anointed One; [= the Messiah]; or: the Anointing), our calling [folks] to our side to give [them] help, relief, comfort and encouragement is also progressively superabounding so as to surround us in full quantity (or: the work of the Paraclete constantly environs in abundance from us, by the Anointing)! 6 Now whether we are being continually squeezed and compressed, or oppressed in tribulation, over and on behalf of your assistance (or: a calling to [His] side for relief, aid and comfort) and deliverance (salvation, rescue, health, wholeness and restoration), or whether we are repeatedly being given relief, intimate assistance, comfort and encouragement over and because of your assistance and comfort – referring to [that aid and encouragement] which is continuously performing inward work and operation within the midst of [that] persistent remaining under in endurance of the very effects of experiences and results of sufferings which we, ourselves, are habitually experiencing, or suffering – 7 either way, our expectation (or: expectant hope) [stands] on good footing (or: [is] stable, unwavering, with feet firmly planted; or: [stands] guaranteed as valid; [remains] a confirmation of a certification of the purchase) over and with regard to you folks, having seen and continuing to know that just as you are – and continue to be – people of common existence (partners, participants and sharers) from the effects of experiences and the results of sufferings, in the same way [are you] of the relief, aid and encouraging comfort as well. 8 For we do not continue intending (or: wanting; purposing) for you folks to continue being ignorant (unaware or without intimate knowledge), brothers (= fellow members and believers), over [other MSS: concerning] our squeezing pressure (tribulation; affliction; oppression) – referring to [that] which happened [other MSS add: to us] in Asia – that corresponding to an act of overshooting or throwing beyond the target (= something extreme and excessive) over and above [our] power and ability, we were weighted down (burdened [with difficulty]) so as to be without an exit (with no way out) for us, even to continue living! 9 Further yet, we ourselves had held and continued having, within ourselves, the result and effect from a decision of the Death (or: from a judgment which meant death; or: the considered decision and insightful response in regard to death) – to the end that we may not exist being ones having put trust and confidence upon ourselves, but to the contrary, upon the God Who is continually (habitually; periodically; repeatedly; or: presently) awakening and raising up the dead ones! 10 He Who snatched (dragged so as to rescue) us from out of the midst of the very prime (or: peak) of Death (or: out of a death of such proportions) will also repeatedly rescue and drag us to Himself – into Whom we have placed our hope and expectation so as to yet rely that He also will Himself continue still dragging us further toward Himself. 11 Your habitually cooperating and working together in undergirding support over us (= on behalf of us, or, concerning our situation), even in the need (or: and by the [or: your] petition regarding [our] need), [gives the result] that forth from out of [other MSS: in] many faces (= people; or: = outward appearances) [and] through (or: by means of) many folks, the effect and result of grace and favor can (or: may; would) be sent (or: given) unto us in the ease, prosperity and wellness of grace over our [situation] (or: may be given in gratitude on our [other MSS: your] behalf). 12 For you see, our boasting (or: expression of being proud) is this – [and it is] the witness and testimony of our conscience: that within the midst of the System (world of religion, culture, economy, secular society and government), and especially (or: more exceedingly) in our relationship with you folks, we were turned back and caused to live our lives and conduct ourselves within, and in union with, God's simplicity [other MSS: quality and aspect of being set apart (holiness)] and clearness from a decision made in sunlight (or: a sincerity which is God) – and this not within fleshly wisdom or cleverness, but to the contrary, within the midst of and in union with God's grace (or: the favor from, and which is, God). 13 So then, we are not now writing other things to you, but rather either (or: other than) what you continue reading and recognizing, or even what you folks continue progressing to full, intimate knowledge and insight about (or: what you presently recognize and acknowledge as added knowledge and complete gnosis). Yet I continue expecting and hoping that unto the purposed and destined goal (until maturity and the finished product) you will continue to additionally, accurately and intimately realize and know by experience, 14 just as you recognized with added personal knowledge about us, partly, that we have as much cause to be proud of you, exactly as you also [have] of us – resident within and in union with the Day which pertains to, is from and is, our Lord (Master; Owner), Jesus. 15 So, with (or: in; by) this persuaded confidence, I had previously continued intending (planning and purposing) to come to you folks, so that you folks could have (or: may hold) a second grace (influence and boon of undeserved joyous favor, kindness and goodwill; [other MSS: {occasion for} joy]), 16 and to pass on through you [i.e., through your city] into Macedonia, and to come back again to you from Macedonia, and [then] to be sent forward with funds and supplies (perhaps: to be accompanied or escorted on part of the journey) by you folks [other MSS: from you] into the Judean [area]. 17 Therefore, continuing in planning and intending this, surely I do not consequently engage in joking (employ levity; use lightness; may = resort to fickleness or irresponsibility), do I? Or the things which I habitually plan and purpose, am I constantly planning down from [the] flesh (or: = in accordance with the estranged human nature; or: = on the level of a self that is oriented to the System), so that it may be with me, "Yes, yes," and "No, no!"? 18 Now God [is] full of faith and reliable (loyal; faithful; trustworthy)! [With] that, our message (or: word) toward you folks is not [other MSS: did not come to be] "Yes," and then [or, at the same time] "No," 19 for the Son of God, Jesus Christ [= Jesus the Messiah] – the One within the midst of, among and in union with you folks – being heralded and publicly proclaimed through us, [i.e.,] through Silvanus [this may = Silas], Timothy and me – did not come to be (or: was not birthed) "Yes," and yet, "No," but to the contrary, [the divine] "Yes" has been birthed and remains in existence within Him (or: in union with Him, "Yes" has happened and continues being; or: within the midst of Him, [the] "Yes" has come into being and remains)! 20 So you see, as many as [be] God's promises, [they are] the "Yes," within and in union with Him. Wherefore also, through Him [is] The Amen (or: the affirmation; the "Count on it!;" the "It is so") in (or: by; with) God [directed] toward and face to face with glory, a good opinion or reputation, and a manifestation which calls forth praise, through us. 21 Now God [is] the One repeatedly placing us on good, firm footing (constantly stabilizing and establishing us; or: confirming, guaranteeing and validating us as possessed by a purchase) and completely (or: instantly, in one point in time) anointing us, together with you folks, into Christ. 22 He [is] also the One completely (or: instantly, in one point in time) sealing us (imprinting us with [His] mark of identity and ownership; or: validating us and guaranteeing our genuineness), even (or: and) completely (instantly, in one point in time) giving the advance transaction of the agreement (or: the pledge and down payment guaranteeing full payment for purchase; or: a dowry) of the Spirit (or: which is the spirit; or: having its source and origin in the Breath-effect; or: which belongs and pertains to the spirit; from the Attitude) within the midst of our hearts. 23 Now I, myself, continue to call upon God [to be] a witness (or: [as] evidence) upon my own soul (mind, will, emotions; inner life; self; or: = I stake my life on it!), that in my continuing in holding back and sparing you folks, I no longer came (or: I did not yet go) into Corinth. 24 Not that we are constantly acting like your owners and exercising lordship with regard to the faith (or: performing like masters over your loyalty and trust), but to the contrary, we exist being (or: we are) fellow workers regarding and pertaining to your joy, for you folks have taken a stand and now stand firm by trust (or: in and for the faith; with confident loyalty).