2 Corinthians 3

JMNT(i) 1 Are we beginning again to continue commending ourselves (giving ourselves a standing together with [you folks]) as if we, like some, now need letters of recommendation to you, or from you? 2 You yourselves are and continue being our letter – being one having been written (inscribed; imprinted; engraved) within your hearts [other MSS: our hearts]; one progressively being experientially known and continuously read (or: periodically recognized and experienced again) by all people (mankind) – 3 because you are and continue being those continuously set in clear light and progressively manifested: Christ's letter (a letter whose source is Christ, and which is Christ), being one dispensed in attending service by us, being one having been written (inscribed; imprinted; engraved), not in black (= not with ink), but rather, by (or: in; with) God's Spirit: One continuously living (or: in a Breath-effect which has its origin in God, Who is constantly living); not in stone tablets (or: on tablets composed of stone), but rather within tablets which are hearts made of flesh (or: on tablets in hearts composed of flesh). 4 Now through the Christ we continuously possess (or: So, by means of the Anointing we progressively have and hold) this sort of persuaded trust and faith-based confidence [directed and leading] toward God (or: face to face with God) 5not that we are competent (adequately enough; sufficiently qualified) from ourselves to logically evaluate or count anything as it were forth from out of ourselves – but to the contrary, our competency (adequacy; sufficiency; qualification) [is] forth from out of the midst of (having its source in) God, 6 Who also adequately qualifies us (or: made us fit, competent and sufficient) [to be] attending servants and dispensers of an arrangement that is new in quality (or: pertaining to a new kind of covenant that has a different character and is fresh and effective) – not of [the] letter (or: not pertaining to the result of that which is written down; not having its source in the effect of a written text), but in contrast, of a Breath-effect (or: pertaining to the result of [the] Spirit; having its source in and being the effect of spirit and attitude), for the effect of letter habitually kills (or: the result of writing something into a text repeatedly puts away in death), yet the Spirit (or: the spirit; the breath-effect; the Attitude) continuously gives life (or: repeatedly makes alive; progressively forms life; habitually creates life)! 7 Now since (or: if) the attending service of the Death (or: the dispensing of provision from death; the serving of provisions and support, which is the death) – being one that has been formed by a beaten impression of types and the outlines of patterns that exists as engravings within letters and the effects of written texts chiseled on stones – was birthed and came into existence within glory (in a manifestation which called forth praise and with a good reputation), so that the sons of Israel came to be continuously unable (or: habitually having no power) to intently gaze into the face of Moses, because of the glory and manifestation which came from his face – which [glory] was being progressively unemployed so as to be brought down to having no work, to be ineffective and nullified – 8 how shall not rather the attending service and dispensing of the provision of the Spirit (or: which has its source in the Breath-effect; marked by, pertaining to and being the effect of the spirit and attitude) continue being within glory (existing in the midst of a manifestation which calls forth praise; being centered on and in union with a good reputation and with imagination)? 9 For since (or: if) the attending service and dispensing of the corresponding evaluations and commensurate decisions which follow the pattern (or: separations for condemnation; judgmentswhich are down-decisions against folks) [had] glory, to a much greater degree does the attending service and the dispensing of the fairness and equity in rightwised relationships (or: righteousness from covenantal inclusion: that which corresponds to the Way pointed out, and which turns us in the right direction) progressively surround and continuously exceed in glory (or: habitually overflow with a manifestation which calls forth praise and brings a good reputation)! [comment: it would seem that Paul is casting the Law as a dispenser of condemnation, and is contrasting that to the Good News – casting this latter as a dispenser of “righteousness” and a servant for folks being turned in the right direction] 10 In fact, even that which had been made glorious, [by comparison] has not been glorified so as to now be glorious – in this respect: on account of the transcending glory which is constantly surpassing [that] and progressively over-casting [us]. 11 You see, since that which was being progressively unemployed and brought down to doing no work – even being made ineffective and nullified – [came] through glory, to a much greater extent is the continuously remaining one (the dwelling, abiding and enduring one) [existing] within the midst of glory. 12 Therefore, progressively possessing (having and holding) an expectation (or: expectant hope) such as this, we habitually use much freedom of speech and bold lack of reserve (or: are constantly telling it all with absolute unreservedness, based upon our citizenship), unlike Moses. 13 He kept on putting a head-covering (veil) upon his face so that the sons of Israel were not to gaze intently into the purposed and destined goal (the end; the result; the termination; the fruition) of that which was being progressively unemployed and brought down to doing no work and being made ineffective and nullified. 14 But further, the results of their mental conceptions, intellectual workings and thought processes were petrified (made to be a stony concretion; were hardened and made callous [note: the word became a medical term for being covered with thick skin]), for until this very day the same head-covering (veil) continues remaining (dwelling; abiding) upon the reading of the old covenant (arrangement; thorough placement) – it [i.e., the reading of the old, or the old covenant itself] continues not being uncovered or unveiled – because it [i.e., the old covenant and arrangement] continues being progressively and fully unemployed and brought down to doing no work and being made useless, ineffective and nullified within Christ (or: = the old arrangement and covenant is nullified in union with [the] Anointing, and in the midst of Christ). 15 Still furthermore, until today, whenever Moses should be repeatedly read [e.g., in the synagogue], a head-covering (veil) continues lying upon their heart (= the innermost being of the group). 16 Yet whenever the time should be reached when it [= the heart] would (or: can; may; should; or: shall at some point) twist and turn upon, so as to face toward, [the] Lord [= Christ], "the head-covering (veil) is by habit progressively taken from around [it]." [note: a quote of Ex. 34:34 LXX, where Moses would enter in to speak with Yahweh; the same act was performed by the husband, on the bride, after the wedding ceremony] 17 Now the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] continuously exists being the Spirit (or: Yet the Breath-effect is the Lord), so where [the] Lord's Breath-effect (Spirit; Attitude) [blows, there is] freedom (or: and so in the place in which the Breath-effect – the Spirit – which is [the] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] [blows], liberty [comes]). 18 But we all, ourselves – having a face that has been uncovered and remains unveiled [note: as with Moses, before the Lord, Ex. 34:34] – being folks who by a mirror are continuously observing, as ourselves, the Lord's [= Yahweh's or Christ's] glory (or: being those who progressively reflect – from ourselves as by a mirror – the glory of [our] Owner), are presently being continuously and progressively transformed into the very same image, from glory into glory – in accord with and exactly as – from [the] Lord's Breath-effect (or: from [the] Spirit and Attitude of [the] Lord [= Christ or Yahweh]). [comment: considering the context of this chapter, this may refer to the transformation from glory of Moses, into the glory of Christ; or, it may be speaking of a from time to time transfiguration from the glory of humanity into the glory of the Anointing, on an individual basis]