Numbers 11:31-33

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  31 H7307 ורוח a wind H5265 נסע And there went forth H853 מאת   H3068 יהוה the LORD, H1468 ויגז and brought H7958 שׂלוים quails H4480 מן from H3220 הים the sea, H5203 ויטשׁ and let fall H5921 על by H4264 המחנה the camp, H1870 כדרך journey H3117 יום as it were a day's H3541 כה on this side, H1870 וכדרך journey H3117 יום and as it were a day's H3541 כה on the other side, H5439 סביבות round about H4264 המחנה the camp, H520 וכאמתים and as it were two cubits H5921 על upon H6440 פני the face H776 הארץ׃ of the earth.
  32 H6965 ויקם stood up H5971 העם And the people H3605 כל all H3117 היום day, H1931 ההוא that H3605 וכל and all H3915 הלילה night, H3605 וכל and all H3117 יום day, H4283 המחרת the next H622 ויאספו and they gathered H853 את   H7958 השׂלו the quails: H4591 הממעיט he that gathered least H622 אסף gathered H6235 עשׂרה ten H2563 חמרים homers: H7849 וישׁטחו and they spread all abroad H7849 להם שׁטוח and they spread all abroad H5439 סביבות for themselves round about H4264 המחנה׃ the camp.
  33 H1320 הבשׂר And while the flesh H5750 עודנו yet H996 בין between H8127 שׁניהם their teeth, H2962 טרם ere H3772 יכרת it was chewed, H639 ואף the wrath H3068 יהוה of the LORD H2734 חרה was kindled H5971 בעם against the people, H5221 ויך smote H3068 יהוה and the LORD H5971 בעם the people H4347 מכה plague. H7227 רבה great H3966 מאד׃ with a very