Numbers 11:26

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  26 H7604 וישׁארו But there remained H8147 שׁני two H376 אנשׁים men H4264 במחנה in the camp, H8034 שׁם the name H259 האחד of the one H419 אלדד Eldad, H8034 ושׁם and the name H8145 השׁני of the other H4312 מידד Medad: H5117 ותנח rested H5921 עלהם upon H7307 הרוח and the spirit H1992 והמה them; and they H3789 בכתבים of them that were written, H3808 ולא but went not out H3318 יצאו but went not out H168 האהלה unto the tabernacle: H5012 ויתנבאו and they prophesied H4264 במחנה׃ in the camp.