Daniel 9:27

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  27 H1396 והגביר And he shall confirm H1285 ברית the covenant H7227 לרבים with many H7620 שׁבוע week: H259 אחד for one H2677 וחצי and in the midst H7620 השׁבוע of the week H7673 ישׁבית to cease, H2077 זבח he shall cause the sacrifice H4503 ומנחה and the oblation H5921 ועל and for H3671 כנף the overspreading H8251 שׁקוצים of abominations H8074 משׁמם he shall make desolate, H5704 ועד even until H3617 כלה the consummation, H2782 ונחרצה and that determined H5413 תתך shall be poured H5921 על upon H8074 שׁמם׃