Daniel 11:36

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  36 H6213 ועשׂה shall do H7522 כרצונו according to his will; H4428 המלך And the king H7311 ויתרומם and he shall exalt himself, H1431 ויתגדל and magnify himself H5921 על above H3605 כל every H410 אל god, H5921 ועל against H410 אל the God H410 אלים of gods, H1696 ידבר and shall speak H6381 נפלאות marvelous things H6743 והצליח and shall prosper H5704 עד till H3615 כלה be accomplished: H2195 זעם the indignation H3588 כי for H2782 נחרצה that that is determined H6213 נעשׂתה׃ shall be done.