Daniel 12:1

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H6256 ובעת time H1931 ההיא And at that H5975 יעמד stand up, H4317 מיכאל shall Michael H8269 השׂר prince H1419 הגדול the great H5975 העמד which standeth H5921 על for H1121 בני the children H5971 עמך of thy people: H1961 והיתה and there shall be H6256 עת a time H6869 צרה of trouble, H834 אשׁר such as H3808 לא never H1961 נהיתה was H1961 מהיות since there was H1471 גוי a nation H5704 עד to H6256 העת time: H1931 ההיא that same H6256 ובעת time H1931 ההיא and at that H4422 ימלט shall be delivered, H5971 עמך thy people H3605 כל every one H4672 הנמצא that shall be found H3789 כתוב written H5612 בספר׃ in the book.