2 Samuel 6:17-19

Great(i) 17 And when they brought in the Arck of the Lorde, they set it in his place, euen in the myddes of the tabernacle that Dauid had pitched for it. And Dauid offered burnt offeringes & peace offeringes before the lord. 18 And as sone as Dauid had made an ende of offeryng burnt offerynges & peace offerynges, he blessed the people in the name of the Lord of Hostes, 19 & gaue among all the folke, euen amonge the hole multitude of Israel, as well to the wemen as men, to euerye one a Cake of breed, & a pece of fleshe, & a flasket of drincke. And so all the people departed euery one to his house.