2 Samuel 6:17-19

Wycliffe(i) 17 And thei brouyten in the arke of the Lord, and settiden it in his place, in the myddis of tabernacle, which tabernacle Dauid hadde maad `redy therto; and Dauid offride brent sacrifices and pesible bifor the Lord. 18 And whanne Dauid hadde endid tho, and hadde offrid brent sacrifices and pesible, he blesside the puple in the name of the Lord of oostis. 19 And he yaf to al the multitude of Israel, as wel to man as to womman, to ech `o thinne loof, and o part rostid of bugle fleisch, and flour of wheete fried with oile; and al the puple yede, ech man in to his hows.