2 Samuel 6:17-19

  17 H935 And they brought [H8686]   H727 in the ark H3068 of the LORD H3322 , and set [H8686]   H4725 it in his place H8432 , in the midst H168 of the tabernacle H1732 that David H5186 had pitched [H8804]   H1732 for it: and David H5927 offered [H8686]   H5930 burnt offerings H8002 and peace offerings H6440 before H3068 the LORD.
  18 H1732 And as soon as David H3615 had made an end [H8762]   H5927 of offering [H8687]   H5930 burnt offerings H8002 and peace offerings H1288 , he blessed [H8762]   H5971 the people H8034 in the name H3068 of the LORD H6635 of hosts.
  19 H2505 And he dealt [H8762]   H5971 among all the people H1995 , even among the whole multitude H3478 of Israel H802 , as well to the women H376 as men H376 , to every one H259 a H2471 cake H3899 of bread H829 , and a good piece H809 of flesh, and a flagon H5971 of wine . So all the people H3212 departed [H8799]   H376 every one H1004 to his house.