1 Kings

Great(i) 1 And kynge, dauid was olde & stryken in yeres: so that whan they couered hym wt clothes, he caught no heat. 2 wherfore his seruauntes sayde vnto him let there be sought for my Lord the kynge a younge mayden, to stonde before the kynge and to cheryshe him. And let her lye in thy bosome, that my Lorde the kinge maye get heate. 3 And so they sought for a fayre damosell thorow out all the coastes of Israel, & founde one Abisag a Sunamite, & brought her to the kynge. 4 And the damosell was excedinge fayre, & cherisshed the kynge, & ministred to him. But the kyng knewe her not. 5 And Adonia the sonne of Hagith exalted him selfe, sayinge: I willbe kyng. And he gatt him charettes & horsmen, and fyftie men to runne before him. 6 And his father wolde not displease him at anye tyme, nor sayd so moch to him as, why doest thou so? And he was a goodlye man, & his mother bare him next after Absalom. 7 And he toke councell at Ioab the sonne of Zaruia, & at Abiathar the preast. And they helped Adonia. 8 But Sabock the preast, Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada, Nathan the prophet, Semei and Rei, and all the men of myght which were with Dauid, fauoured not Adonia. 9 And Adonia sacrifyced shepe and oxen, and fatt catell, by the stone of Zoheleth, which is fast by the well of Rogell, and called all his brethren the kynges sonnes, and the men of Iuda the kynges seruauntes. 10 But Nathan the prophet and Banaiahu, and the other myghtie men, and Salomon his brother, he called not. 11 Wherfore, Nathan spake vnto Bethsabe the mother of Salomon, sayinge: hast thou not hearde howe that Adonia the sonne of Hagith doth rayne, and Dauid oure Lord knoweth it not? 12 Nowe therfore come, & I will geue the councell, howe to saue thyne awne lyfe, & the lyfe of thy sonne Salomon. 13 Go and get the in vnto kynge Dauid, and saye vnto him: didest not thou (my Lorde O kynge) swere vnto thy handmayde, sayinge? Salomon thy sonne shall raygne after me, & he shall sytt vpon my seate? Why is then Adonia kynge? 14 Beholde, whyle thou yet talkest there with the kyng, I will come in after the, & confirme thy wordes. 15 And Bethsabe went in vnto the kynge into the chambre. And the kinge was very olde, and Abisag the Sunamite ministred vnto the king. 16 And Bethsabe stowped & made obeysaunce vnto the kynge. And the kynge sayde: what is thy matter? 17 She answered him: My Lorde, thou swarest by the Lorde thy God vnto thyne handmayde: Salomon thy sonne shall raygne after me, & he shall sytt vpon my seate. 18 And beholde, nowe is Adonia kynge, & my Lord the kynge wotteth not of it. 19 And he hath offered oxen, fat catell, & many shepe, and hath called all the sonnes of the kynge, & Abiathar the preast, and Ioab the captayne of the hoste. But Salomon thy seruaunt hath he not bydden. 20 And nowe my Lorde (O kynge,) the eyes of all Israel wayte on the, that thou shuldest tell them, who ought to sytte on the seate of my Lord the kynge after him. 21 For elles when my Lorde the kynge shall sleape with his fathers, I and my sonne Salomon shalbe synners. 22 And whyle she yet talked with the kynge, Nathan the prophet came also. 23 And they tolde the kynge sayinge: beholde, here commeth Nathan the prophete. And when he was come into the kynge, he made obeysaunce before the kynge vpon his face on the ground, 24 & Nathan sayde: My Lorde (O kynge) hast thou sayd, Adonia shall raygne after me, & he shall sytt vpon my seate? 25 For he is gone downe this daye, & hath slayne many oxen, & fat shepe, and hath called all the kynges sonnes, & the captaynes of the host, & Abiathar the preast. And beholde, they eate and dryncke before him, and saye: God saue kynge Adonia. 26 But me thy seruaunt, and Sadock the preast, and Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada, & thy seruaunt Salomon hath he not called. 27 Is thys thynge done of my Lorde the kynge, & thou hast not shewed it vnto thy seruaunt, who shulde sytt on the seate of my Lord the kyng after him? 28 Then kyng Dauid answered & sayde: call me Bethsabe. And she came into the kynges presence, and stode before him. 29 And the kynge sware sayinge. As truly as the Lorde lyueth (that hath rydd my soule out of all aduersyte) 30 euen as I sware vnto the by the Lorde God of Israel, sayinge: Salomon thy sonne shall raygne after me, & he shall syt vpon my seate for me, so will I do this daye. 31 Then Bethsabe bowed on her face to the erth, & dyd reuerence vnto the kyng, & sayde. I praye God that my Lorde kyng Dauid maye lyue euer. 32 And kyng Dauid sayde: call me Sadoch the preast, & Nathan the prophet, and Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada. And they came before the kynge. 33 The kinge also sayde vnto them: take wt you the seruauntes of youre Lorde, & set Salomon my sonne vpon myne awne Mule, & carye him downe to Gihon. 34 And let Sadock the preast, & Nathan the prophet anoynte him there, kynge ouer Israel. And blowe ye wt trompettes, & saye: God saue kyng Salomon. 35 And then come vp after him, that he maye come and sytte vpon my seate. For he shalbe kynge in my steade. And I will commaunde him to be captayne ouer Israel and Iuda. 36 And Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada answered the kynge, & sayde, Amen. I praye God that the Lorde God of my Lorde the kynge saye so to. 37 And as God hath bene with my Lorde the kynge, euen so be he with Salomon also, & make his seate greater, then the seate of my Lorde kynge Dauids hath bene. 38 And so Sadock the preast, and Nathan the prophet, & Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada, & the Crethites and Phelethites went downe, & sett Salomon vpon kynge Dauids Mule, and brought him to Gihon. 39 And Sadock the preast toke an horne of oyle out of the tabernacle, and anoynted Salomon. And all they of the people blewe trompettes, and sayde: God saue kynge Salomon. 40 And all the people cam vp after him, pyping with pipes and reioysynge greatlye, so that the erth range with the sounde of them. 41 And Adonia and all the gestes that he had called vnto him, hearde it, euen as they had made an ende of eatynge. And when Ioab hearde the sounde of the trompet, he sayde: howe happeneth it that there is soche a noyse in the cytie? 42 And as he yet spake: beholde, Ionathas the sonne of Abiathar the preast came. And Adonia sayde vnto him: come in, for thou art thou valeaunt man, and bryngest good tydynges. 43 And Ionathas answered & sayd to Adonia: Uerely oure Lorde kynge Dauid hath made Salomon kyng. 44 And the kynge hath sent wt him, Sadock the preaste, & Nathan the prophet, and Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoiada, and the Crethites, and the Phelethites, and they haue set him vpon the kynges mule. 45 And Sadock the preast, and Nathan the prophet haue anoynted hym kyng in Gihon. And they came vp agayne, and reioysed, that the cytie dyd sounde agayne. And that is the noyse, that ye haue hearde. 46 And Salomon sytteth on the seate of the kingdome. 47 And moreouer the kynges seruauntes came to blesse oure Lorde kinge Dauid, sayinge: thy God make the name of Salomon more honorable then thy name, and make hys seate greater then thy seate. And the kynge bowed hym selfe vpon the bedd. 48 And thus sayde the kynge: Blessed be the Lorde God of Israell: which hath made one to syt on my seate thys daye, myne eye seynge it. 49 And all the gestes that were with Adonia were afrayed, and rose vp, and went euery man hys waye. 50 And Adonia fearyng the presence of Salomon, arose, and went, and caught holde on the hornes of the aultare. 51 And one tolde Salomon, sayinge: beholde, Adonia doth feare kynge Salomon: for he hath caught holde on the hornes of the aultare, saying: let king Salomon swere vnto me thys daye that he wyll not sley his seruaunt with the swearde. 52 And Salomon sayde: yf he wyllbe a chylde of vertue, there shall not an heer of hym fall to the earth. But and yf wickednes be founde in him, he shall dye. 53 And so kynge Salomon sent, and they brought hym from the aultare. And he came, and dyd obeysaunce vnto kyng Salomon. And Salomon sayde vnto hym: gett the to thyne house.