Zechariah 2

CLV(i) 1 Then I am lifting my eyes and am seeing, and behold! a man, and in his hand a measuring line." 2 And I am saying to him, Whither are you going? And he is saying to me, To measure Jerusalem, to see what is its width and what is its length." 3 And behold! the messenger who is speaking with me is faring forth, and another messenger is faring forth to meet him." 4 And he is saying to him, Run, speak to this youth, saying:As unwalled villages shall Jerusalem dwell, because of the multitude of humans and beasts in her midst." 5 And I will become for her, (averring is Yahweh), a wall of fire round about. And for glory will I become in her midst." 6 Woe! Woe! Flee also from the land of the north, (averring is Yahweh). For as the four winds of the heavens have I spread you, (averring is Yahweh)." 7 Woe, Zion! Escape, you dwellers with the daughter of Babylon." 8 For thus says Yahweh of hosts:After the glory He sends me to the nations, your looters; for he who is touching you is touching the apple of My eye." 9 For behold Me waving My hand over them, and they will become loot for their servants. Then you shall know that Yahweh of hosts sent me." 10 Be jubilant and rejoice, daughter of Zion! For behold Me coming! And I tabernacle in your midst, (averring is Yahweh)." 11 And many nations shall be obligated to Yahweh in that day, and they become His people. When I tabernacle in your midst, then shall you know that Yahweh of hosts sent me to you." 12 And Yahweh has alloted to Judah his portion on the holy ground. And He still chooses Jerusalem. 13 Hist! all flesh, in view of Yahweh, for He is roused from His holy habitation."