Zechariah 2

Wycliffe(i) 1 And Y reiside myn iyen, and siy, and lo! a man, and lo! in his hoond a litil coorde of meteris. 2 And Y seide, Whidir goist thou? And he seide to me, That Y mete Jerusalem, and Judee; hou myche is the breede therof, and hou myche is the lengthe therof. 3 And lo! the aungel that spak in me, wente out, and another aungel wente out in to the metyng of hym, and seide to hym, 4 Renne thou, speke to this child, and seie thou, Jerusalem shal be enhabitid with out wal, for the multitude of men and of beestis in the myddil therof. 5 And Y schal be to it, seith the Lord, a wal of fier in cumpas; and Y schal be in glorie in myddil therof. 6 A! A! A! fle ye fro the lond of the north, seith the Lord, for in foure wyndis of heuene Y scateride you, seith the Lord. 7 A! thou Sion, fle, that dwellist at the douyter of Babiloyne. 8 For the Lord of oostis seith these thingis, After glorie he sente me to hethene men, whiche robbiden you; for he that schal touche you, schal touche the apple of myn iye. 9 For lo! Y reise myn hond on hem, and thei schulen be preyes to these that seruyden hem; and ye schulen knowe, that the Lord of oostis sente me. 10 Douyter of Sion, herie thou, and be glad; for lo! Y come, and Y schal dwelle in myddil of thee, seith the Lord. 11 And many folkis schulen be applied to the Lord in that dai, and thei schulen be to me in to puple, and Y schal dwelle in myddil of thee; and thou schalt wite, that the Lord of oostis sente me to thee. 12 And the Lord schal welde Juda in to his part, in the loud halewid, and schal cheese yit Jerusalem. 13 Ech fleisch be stil fro the face of the Lord, for he roos of his hooli dwelling place.