Zechariah 2

  1 H5375 I lifted up H5869 my eyes H7200 again, and looked, H376 and behold a man H4060 with a measuring H2256 line H3027 in his hand.
  2 H559 Then said H1980 I, Where go H559 you? And he said H4058 unto me, To measure H3389 Jerusalem, H7200 to see H4100 what H7341 is the breadth H753 there, and what is the length there.
  3 H4397 And, behold, the angel H1696 that talked H3318 with me went forth, H312 and another H4397 angel H3318 went out H7125 to meet him,
  4 H559 And said H7323 unto him, Run, H1696 speak H1975 to this H5288 young man, H559 saying, H3389 Jerusalem H3427 shall be inhabited H6519 as towns without walls H7230 for the multitude H120 of men H929 and cattle H8432 in it:
  5 H5002 For I, says H3068 the Lord, H2346 will be unto her a wall H784 of fire H5439 round about, H3519 and will be the glory H8432 in the midst of her.
  6 H1945 Ho, H1945 ho, H5127 come forth, and flee H776 from the land H6828 of the north, H5002 says H3068 the Lord: H6566 for I have spread you abroad H702 as the four H7307 winds H8064 of the heaven, H5002 says H3068 the Lord.
  7 H4422 Deliver H1945 yourself, O H6726 Zion, H3427 that dwell H1323 with the daughter H894 of Babylon.
  8 H559 For thus says H3068 the Lord H6635 of hosts; H310 After H3519 the glory H7971 has he sent H1471 me unto the nations H7997 which spoiled H5060 you: for he that touches H5060 you touches H892 the apple H5869 of his eye.
  9 H5130 For, behold, I will shake H3027 my hand H7998 upon them, and they shall be a plunder H5647 to their servants: H3045 and you shall know H3068 that the Lord H6635 of hosts H7971 has sent me.
  10 H7442 Sing H8055 and rejoice, H1323 O daughter H6726 of Zion: H935 for, behold, I come, H7931 and I will live H8432 in the midst H5002 of you, says H3068 the Lord.
  11 H7227 And many H1471 nations H3867 shall be joined H3068 to the Lord H3117 in that day, H5971 and shall be my people: H7931 and I will live H8432 in the midst H3045 of you, and you shall know H3068 that the Lord H6635 of hosts H7971 has sent me unto you.
  12 H3068 And the Lord H5157 shall inherit H3063 Judah H2506 his portion H6944 in the holy H127 land, H977 and shall choose H3389 Jerusalem again.
  13 H2013 Be silent, H1320 O all flesh, H6440 before H3068 the Lord: H5782 for he is raised up H6944 out of his holy H4583 habitation.