Zechariah 3

CLV(i) 1 Then He is showing me Joshua, the great priest, standing before the messenger of Yahweh, and Satan, standing at his right, for his adversary." 2 And Yahweh is saying to Satan, Yahweh is rebuking you, Satan. And Yahweh Who is choosing Jerusalem is rebuking you. Is not this wooden poker being rescued from the fire? 3 Yet Joshua comes to be clothed in filthy garments, and is standing before the messenger." 4 And He is answering and is saying to those standing before him, saying, Take away the filthy garments off him. And He is saying to him, See, I cause your depravity to pass off you, and will clothe you with the costumes." 5 And He is saying, Let them place a clean turban on his head. And they are placing the clean turban on his head and are clothing him in garments. And the messenger of Yahweh is standing by." 6 Then the messenger of Yahweh is testifying to Joshua, saying, 7 Thus says Yahweh of hosts:Should you be going in My ways and should you be keeping My charge, then, moreover, you shall adjudicate over My house and, moreover, you shall keep My courts, and I give to you walks between those who are standing by." 8 Hear, pray, Joshua, the great priest, you and your associates who are sitting before you, for mortals of a miracle are they, for behold Me bringing My servant, the Sprout." 9 For behold the stone which I bestow before Joshua; on one stone are seven facets. Behold Me engraving its graving, (averring is Yahweh of hosts), and I remove all the depravity of that land in one day." 10 In that day, (averring is Yahweh of hosts), you shall invite each man his associate to come under the vine and under the fig tree."