Zechariah 3

Coverdale(i) 1 And he shewed me Iesua ye hye prest, stondinge before the angel of the LORDE, and Satan stode at his right honde to resiste him. 2 And the LORDE sayde vnto Satan: The LORDE reproue the (thou Satan) yee the LORDE that hath chosen Ierusalem, reproue the. Is not this a brande take out of the fyre? 3 Now Iesua was clothed in vnclene rayment, and stode before the angel: 4 which answered & sayde vnto those, yt stode before him: take awaye ye foule clothes from him. And vnto him he sayde: Beholde, I haue take awaye thy synne from the, & wil decke the with chaunge of raymet. 5 He sayde morouer: set a fayre myter vpon his heade. So they set a fayre myter vpon his heade, & put on clothes vpon him, and the angel of ye LORDE stode there. 6 Then the angel of the LORDE testified vnto Iesua, & spake, 7 thus sayeth the LORDE of hoostes: Yf thou wilt walke in my wayes, & kepe my watch: thou shalt rule my house, & kepe my courtes, & I wil geue the place amoge these that stonde here. 8 Heare o Iesua thou hye prest, thou & thy frendes that dwell before the, for they are woderous people. Beholde, I will bringe forth the braunch of my seruaunt: 9 for lo, the stone that I haue layed before Iesua: vpon one stone shalbe vij. eyes. Beholde, I will hewe him out (saieth the LORDE of hoostes) and take awaye the synne of that londe in one daye. 10 Then shall euery man call for his neghboure, vnder the vyne & vnder ye fyge tre, saieth the LORDE of hoostes.