Zechariah 4

Coverdale(i) 1 And ye angel that talked with me, came agayne, & waked me vp (as a man that is raysed out of his slepe) 2 & sayde vnto me: What seist thou? And I sayde: I haue loked, and beholde: a candelsticke all of golde, with a boll vpon it & his vij. lampes therin, & vpon euery lampe vij. stalkes: 3 And ij. olyue trees therby, one vpon the right syde of the boll, & the other vpon the left syde. 4 So I answered, & spake to the angel yt talked with me, sayenge: O my lorde what are these? 5 The angel that talked with me, answered & sayde vnto me: knowest thou not what these be? And I sayde: No, my lorde. 6 He answered, & sayde vnto me: This is the worde of the LORDE vnto Zorobabel, sayenge: Nether thorow an hoost of men, ner thorow stregth, but thorow my sprete, saieth ye LORDE of hoostes. 7 What art thou (thou greate mountayne) before Zorobabel? thou must be made eauen. And he shal bringe vp the first stone, so that men shall crie vnto him: good lucke, good lucke. 8 Morouer, the worde of the LORDE came vnto me, sayenge: 9 The hondes of Zorobabel haue layed ye foundacion of this house, his hondes also shal fynishe it: that ye maye knowe, how that the LORDE of hoostes hath sent me vnto you. 10 For he that hath bene despysed a litle season, shal reioyce, whe he seyth the tynne weight in Zorobabels honde. The vij. eyes are the LORDES, which go thorow the hole worlde. 11 Then answered I, & sayde vnto him: What are these two olyue trees vpon the right and left syde of the candilsticke? 12 I spake morouer, & sayde vnto him: what be these ij. olyue braunches which (thorow ye two golden pipes) emptie them selues into the golde? 13 He answered me, & sayde: knowest thou not, what these be? And I sayde: No, my lorde. 14 Then sayde he: These are the two olyue braunches, that stonde before the ruler of the whole earth.