Zechariah 2

Coverdale(i) 1 I lift vp myne eyes agayne, & loked: and beholde, a man with a measure lyne in his honde. 2 Then saide I: whether goest thou? And he sayde vnto me: To measure Ierusalem, that I maye se how longe and how brode it is. 3 And beholde, the angel that talked wt me, wente his waye forth. Then wete there out another angel to mete him, 4 & sayde vnto him: Runne, speake to this yonge man, & saye: Ierusalem shal be inhabited without eny wal, for ye very multitude of people & catell, yt shal be therin. 5 Yee I myself (saieth the LORDE) wil be vnto her a wall of fyre rounde aboute, & wilbe honoured in her. 6 O get you forth, O fle from the londe of ye north (saieth the LORDE) ye, whom I haue scatred in to the foure wyndes vnder heaue, saieth the LORDE. 7 Saue thy self, o Sion: thou that dwellest with ye doughter of Babilon, 8 for thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes: With a glorious power hath he sent me out to the Heithe, which spoyled you: for who so toucheth you, shal touche the aple of his owne eye. 9 Beholde, I will lift vp myne honde ouer them: so that they shal be spoyled of those, which afore serued them: & ye shal knowe, that the LORDE of hoostes hath sent me. 10 Be glad, & reioyce, o doughter of Sion: for lo, I am come to dwell in the myddest of the, saieth the LORDE. 11 At the same tyme there shal many Heithen cleue to the LORDE, & shal be my people. Thus wil I dwel in the myddest of the, & thou shalt knowe, that the LORDE of hoostes hath sent me vnto the. 12 The LORDE shall haue Iuda in possession for his parte in the holy grounde, & shal chose Ierusalem yet agayne. 13 Let all flesh be still before the LORDE, for he is rysen out of his holy place.