Psalms 91:5-10

  5 H3372 You shall not be afraid H6343 for the terror H3915 by night; H2671 nor for the arrow H5774 that flies H3119 by day;
  6 H1698 Nor for the pestilence H1980 that walks H652 in darkness; H6986 nor for the destruction H7736 that wastes H6672 at noonday.
  7 H505 A thousand H5307 shall fall H6654 at your side, H7233 and ten thousand H3225 at your right hand; H5066 but it shall not come near you.
  8 H5869 Only with your eyes H5027 shall you behold H7200 and see H8011 the reward H7563 of the wicked.
  9 H7760 Because you have made H3068 the Lord, H4268 which is my refuge, H5945 even the most High, H4583 your habitation;
  10 H7451 There shall no evil H579 happen to H5061 you, neither shall any plague H7126 come near H168 your living.