Psalms 127

  1 H3068 A Song of Ascents; of Solomon.
Except Jehovah
H1129 build H1004 the house, H5998 They labor H7723 in vain H1129 that build H3068 it: Except Jehovah H8104 keep H5892 the city, H8104 The watchman H8245 waketh H7723 but in vain.
  2 H7723 It is vain H6965 for you to rise up H7925 early, H3427 To take rest H309 late, H398 To eat H3899 the bread H6089 of toil; H5414 For so he giveth H3039 unto his beloved H8142 sleep.
  3 H1121 Lo, children H5159 are a heritage H3068 of Jehovah; H6529 And the fruit H990 of the womb H7939 is his reward.
  4 H2671 As arrows H3027 in the hand H1368 of a mighty man, H1121 So are the children H5271 of youth.
  5 H835 Happy H1397 is the man H827 that hath his quiver H4390 full H954 of them: They shall not be put to shame, H1696 When they speak H341 with their enemies H8179 in the gate.