Psalms 127

Matthew(i) 1 The song of the steares. Except the Lord buylde the house, their laboure is but loste that buylde it. Except the Lord kepe the cytye, the watchman waketh but in vayne. 2 It is but lost labour that ye ryse vp early and take no rest, but eate the breade of carefulnesse: for loke to whom it pleaseth him, he geueth it in slepe. 3 Lo, chyldren & the frute of the wombe are an heritage & gift, that commeth of the Lorde. 4 Lyke as the arrowes in the hande of the gyaunt, euen so are the yonge chyldren. 5 Happy is the man, that hathe his quyuerful of them: they shal not be ashamed, when they speake with their enemyes in the gate.