Matthew 1:1-17

  1 G976 The book G1078 of the generation G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ, G5207 the son G1138 of David, G5207 the son G11 of Abraham.
  2 G11 Abraham G1080 begat G2464 Isaac; G1161 and G2464 Isaac G1080 begat G2384 Jacob; G1161 and G2384 Jacob G1080 begat G2455 Judah G2532 and G846 his G80 brethren;
  3 G1161 and G2455 Judah G1080 begat G5329 Perez G2532 and G2196 Zerah G1537 of G2283 Tamar; G1161 and G5329 Perez G1080 begat G2074 Hezron; G1161 and G2074 Hezron G1080 begat G689 Ram;
  4 G1161 and G689 Ram G1080 begat G284 Amminadab; G1161 and G284 Amminadab G1080 begat G3476 Nahshon; G1161 and G3476 Nahshon G1080 begat G4533 Salmon;
  5 G1161 and G4533 Salmon G1080 begat G1003 Boaz G1537 of G4477 Rahab; G1161 and G1003 Boaz G1080 begat G5601 Obed G1537 of G4503 Ruth; G1161 and G5601 Obed G1080 begat G2421 Jesse;
  6 G1161 and G2421 Jesse G1080 begat G1138 David G935 the king. G1161 And G1138 David G1080 begat G4672 Solomon G1537 of G3588 her G1537 that had been the wife of G3774 Uriah;
  7 G1161 and G4672 Solomon G1080 begat G4497 Rehoboam; G1161 and G4497 Rehoboam G1080 begat G7 Abijah; G1161 and G7 Abijah G1080 begat G760 Asa;
  8 G1161 and G760 Asa G1080 begat G2498 Jehoshaphat; G1161 and G2498 Jehoshaphat G1080 begat G2496 Joram; G1161 and G2496 Joram G1080 begat G3604 Uzziah;
  9 G1161 and G3604 Uzziah G1080 begat G2488 Jotham; G1161 and G2488 Jotham G1080 begat G881 Ahaz; G1161 and G881 Ahaz G1080 begat G1478 Hezekiah;
  10 G1161 and G1478 Hezekiah G1080 begat G3128 Manasseh; G1161 and G3128 Manasseh G1080 begat G300 Amon; G1161 and G300 Amon G1080 begat G2502 Josiah;
  11 G1161 and G2502 Josiah G1080 begat G2423 Jechoniah G2532 and G80 his brethren, G1909 at the time G846 of the G3350 carrying away to G897 Babylon.
  12 G1161 And G3326 after G3350 the carrying away to G897 Babylon, G2423 Jechoniah G1080 begat G4528 Shealtiel; G1161 and G4528 Shealtiel G1080 begat G2216 Zerubbabel;
  13 G1161 and G2216 Zerubbabel G1080 begat G10 Abiud; G1161 and G10 Abiud G1080 begat G1662 Eliakim; G1161 and G1662 Eliakim G1080 begat G107 Azor;
  14 G1161 and G107 Azor G1080 begat G4524 Sadoc; G1161 and G4524 Sadoc G1080 begat G885 Achim; G1161 and G885 Achim G1080 begat G1664 Eliud;
  15 G1664 Woe Eliud G1080 begat G1648 Eleazar; G1161 and G1648 Eleazar G1080 begat G3157 Matthan; G1161 and G3157 Matthan G1080 begat G2384 Jacob;
  16 G2384 Woe Jacob G1080 begat G2501 Joseph G435 the husband G3137 of Mary, G1537 of G3739 whom G1080 was born G2424 Jesus, G3004 who is called G5547 Christ.
  17 G3956 Ye all G1074 the generations G575 from G11 Abraham G2193 unto G1138 David G1180 are fourteen G1074 generations; G2532 and G575 from G1138 David G2193 unto G3350 the carrying away to G897 Babylon G1180 fourteen G1074 generations; G2532 and G575 from G3350 the carrying away to G897 Babylon G2193 unto G5547 the Christ G1180 fourteen G1074 generations.