Revelation 10

  1 G1492 And I saw G243 another G2478 mighty G32 angel G2597 come G2597 down G3772 from heaven, G4016 clothed G3507 with a cloud: G2463 and a rainbow G2776 was on his head, G4383 and his face G2246 was as it were the sun, G4228 and his feet G4769 as pillars G4442 of fire:
  2 G2192 And he had G5495 in his hand G974 a little G974 book G455 open: G5087 and he set G1188 his right G4228 foot G2281 on the sea, G2176 and his left G1909 foot on G1093 the earth,
  3 G2896 And cried G3173 with a loud G5456 voice, G3023 as when a lion G3455 roars: G3753 and when G2896 he had cried, G2033 seven G1027 thunders G2980 uttered G5456 their voices.
  4 G3753 And when G2033 the seven G1027 thunders G2980 had uttered G5456 their voices, G3195 I was about G1125 to write: G191 and I heard G5456 a voice G3772 from heaven G3004 saying G4972 to me, Seal G3739 up those things which G2033 the seven G1027 thunders G2980 uttered, G1125 and write them not.
  5 G32 And the angel G3739 which G1492 I saw G2476 stand G2281 on the sea G1093 and on the earth G142 lifted G5495 up his hand G3772 to heaven,
  6 G3660 And swore G2198 by him that lives G165 for ever G165 and ever, G2936 who created G3772 heaven, G1722 and the things that therein G846 G1093 are, and the earth, G1722 and the things that therein G846 G2281 are, and the sea, G1722 and the things which are therein, G846 G5550 that there should be time G3756 no G2089 longer:
  7 G2250 But in the days G5456 of the voice G1442 of the seventh G32 angel, G3752 when G3195 he shall begin G4537 to sound, G3466 the mystery G2316 of God G5055 should be finished, G2097 as he has declared G1401 to his servants G4396 the prophets.
  8 G5456 And the voice G3739 which G191 I heard G3772 from heaven G2980 spoke G3825 to me again, G3004 and said, G5217 Go G2983 and take G974 the little G974 book G3588 which G455 is open G5495 in the hand G32 of the angel G3588 which G2476 stands G2281 on the sea G1093 and on the earth.
  9 G565 And I went G32 to the angel, G3004 and said G1325 to him, Give G974 me the little G974 book. G3004 And he said G2983 to me, Take G2719 it, and eat G4087 it up; and it shall make G2836 your belly G4087 bitter, G4750 but it shall be in your mouth G1099 sweet G3192 as honey.
  10 G4327 And I took G974 the little G974 book G32 out of the angel’s G5495 hand, G2719 and ate G4750 it up; and it was in my mouth G1099 sweet G3192 as honey: G3753 and as soon G5315 as I had eaten G2836 it, my belly G4087 was bitter.
  11 G3004 And he said G1163 to me, You must G4395 prophesy G3825 again G1909 before G4183 many G2992 peoples, G1484 and nations, G1100 and tongues, G935 and kings.