1 Kings 2:32

  32 G2532 And G1994 the lord returned G2962   G3588 the G129 blood G3588   G93 of his iniquity G1473   G1519 onto G2776 his head, G1473   G5613 inasmuch as G528 he met G3588 the G1417 two G444 [4men G3588   G1342 1just G2532 2and G18 3good] G5228 above G1473 him, G2532 and G615 killed G1473 them G1722 by G4501 the broadsword. G2532 And G3588   G3962 my father G1473   G* David G3756 did not G1097 know about G3588   G* Abner G5207 son G* of Ner, G751.2 commander-in-chief G* of Israel, G2532 and G3588   G* Amasa G5207 son G* of Jether, G751.2 commander-in-chief G* of Judah.