G5812 - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number


See Definition for apokalypto { [G601]}
See Definition for delos { [G1212]}
See Definition for phaneroo { [G5319]}

Compare: { [G5319]}, { [G601]}

5319 is thought to describe an external manifestation, to the
senses hence open to all, single or isolated? 601 is an
internal disclosure, to the thinking believer, and abiding.
The 601 or "unveiling" precedes and produces the 5319 or
"manifestation"? the former looks toward the object revealed,
the latter toward the persons to whom the revelation is made.
Some question this explanation.

Compare: { [G5319]}, { [G1212]}

1212-evident, what is known and understood
5319-manifest, as opp. to what is concealed and invisible

1212 points rather to inner perception, 5319 to outward appearance.