G5932 - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number


To Grieve.
See Definition for lypeomai { [G3076]}
See Definition for pentheo { [G3996]}
See Definition for threneo { [G2354]}
See Definition for koptomai { [G2875]}

lypeomai is the most general word, meaning simply to grieve,
outwardly or inwardly.

pentheo means properly to lament for the dead. It is also
applied to passionate lamentation of any kind, so great that it cannot
be hid.

thres_eo is to give utterance to a dirge over the dead, either in
unstudied words, or in a more elaborate poem. This word is used by the
Septuagint in describing David's lament over Saul and Jonathan.

koptomai is to beat the breast in grief, ordinarily for the