G5879 - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number


Synonyms for Sin.
See Definition for amartia { [G266]}
See Definition for amartema { [G265]}
See Definition for asebeia { [G763]}
See Definition for parakoe { [G3876]}
See Definition for anomia { [G458]}
See Definition for paranomia { [G3892]}
See Definition for parabasis { [G3847]}
See Definition for paraptoma { [G3900]}
See Definition for agnoema { [G51]}
See Definition for ettema { [G2275]}

amartia meant originally the missing of a mark. When applied
to moral things the idea is similar, it is missing the true end of
life, and so it is used as a general term for sin. It means both
the act of sinning and the result, the sin itself.

amartema means only the sin itself, not the act, in its particular
manifestations as separate deeds of disobedience to a divine law.

asebeia is ungodliness, positive and active irreligion, a
condition of direct opposition to God.

parakoe is strictly failing to hear, or hearing carelessly and
inattentively. The sin is in this failure to hear when God speaks, and
also in the active disobedience which ordinarily follows.

anomia is lawlessness, contempt of law, a condition or action
not simply without law, as the etymology might indicate.