G5882 - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number


Synonyms for Shame, Disgrace.
See Definition for aidos { [G127]}
See Definition for aischyne { [G152]}
See Definition for entrope { [G1791]}
See Definition for sophrosyne { [G4997]}

aidos is the feeling of innate moral repugnance to doing a
dishonorable act. This moral repugnance is not found in aischyne,
which is rather the feeling of disgrache which results from doing
an unworthy thing, or the fear of such disgrace which serves to
prevent its being done. aidos is thus the nobler word, aischyne
having regard chiefly to the opinions of others. aidos is the fear
of doing a shameful thing, aischyne is chiefly the fear of being
found out. "aidos would always restrain a good man from an
unworthy act, while aischyne might sometimes restrain a bad one"

entrope stands somewhat between the other two words in meaning,
but in the N.T. leans to the nobler side, indicating that
wholesome shame which leads a man to consideration of his
condition if it is unworthy, and to a change of conduct for the

sophrosyne, self-command, may not seem to have much in common
with these three words. As a matter of fact, however, it expresses
positively that which aidwv expresses negatively.