G5888 - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number


Synonyms for Regeneration, Renovation.
See Definition for palingenesia { [G3824]}
See Definition for anakainosis { [G342]}

palingenesia means new birth. In classical Greek it was used
in a weakened sense to denote a recovery, restoration, revival. In the
N.T. it is used only twice, but in a higher sense. In Tit 3:5 it
means new birth, regeneration, referring to God's act of causing
the sinner to pass from the death of sin into spiritual life in
Christ. It has a wider meaning in Mt 19:28, where it is used of
the change which is ultimately to take place in all the universe, its
regeneration, which is the full working out of the change involved in
the regeneration of the individual.

anakainoosis is renewal or renovation, denoting a
continuous process through which man becomes more fully Christ-like,
in which process he is a worker together with God. Some, as e.g.
Cremer, without sufficient reason, have thought that the early use of
palingenesia as a somewhat technical term, to denote the
Pythagorean doctrine of transmigration, gave to the word a permanent
eschatological coloring, so that in the N.T. it has the meaning
resurrection, especially in Mt 19:28.