Jeremiah 33:11

  11 H6963 The voice H8342 of joy H6963 , and the voice H8057 of gladness H6963 , the voice H2860 of the bridegroom H6963 , and the voice H3618 of the bride H6963 , the voice H559 [H8802] of them that shall say H3034 [H8685] , Praise H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H3068 : for the LORD H2896 is good H2617 ; for his mercy H5769 endureth for ever H935 [H8688] : and of them that shall bring H8426 the sacrifice of praise H1004 into the house H3068 of the LORD H7725 [H8686] . For I will cause to return H7622 the captives H776 of the land H7223 , as at the first H559 [H8804] , saith H3068 the LORD.