H7622 שׁבית שׁבוּת - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

שׁבית שׁבוּת
she bûth she bı̂yth
sheb-ooth', sheb-eeth'
From H7617; exile; concretely prisoners; figuratively a former state of prosperity

KJV Usage: captive (-ity).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


שׁבית שׁבוּת

1. captivity, captives
Origin: from H7617
TWOT: 2311d
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) captivity, captives

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First 30 of 32 occurrences of H7622 שׁבית שׁבוּת

Numbers 21:29 into captivity
Deuteronomy 30:3 thy captivity,
Job 42:10 the captivity
Psalms 14:7 the captivity
Psalms 53:6 the captivity
Psalms 85:1 the captivity
Psalms 126:4 our captivity,
Jeremiah 29:14 your captivity,
Jeremiah 30:3 the captives
Jeremiah 30:18 the captives
Jeremiah 31:23 their captives;
Jeremiah 32:44 for I will cause their captives
Jeremiah 33:7 And I will cause the captives
Jeremiah 33:7 and the captives
Jeremiah 33:11 the captives
Jeremiah 33:26 for I will cause their captives
Jeremiah 48:47 the captivity
Jeremiah 49:6 the captives
Jeremiah 49:39 the captives
Lamentations 2:14 thy captivity;
Ezekiel 16:53 their captivity,
Ezekiel 16:53 the captivity
Ezekiel 16:53 and the captivity
Ezekiel 16:53 then will I bring again the captivity
Ezekiel 16:53 of thy captives
Ezekiel 29:14 the captives
Ezekiel 39:25 the captivity
Hosea 6:11 the captivity
Joel 3:1 the captivity
Amos 9:14 the captivity

Distinct usage

10 the captivity
6 the captives
2 for I will cause their captives
1 our captivity,
1 your captivity,
1 their captives;
1 And I will cause the captives
1 and the captives
1 their captivity,
1 and the captivity
1 then will I bring again the captivity
1 of thy captives
1 their captivity.
1 your captivity
1 thy captivity,
1 into captivity
1 thy captivity;

Corresponding Greek Words

shevut G161 aichmalosia

Related words


H7617 שׁבה shâbâh

A primitive root; to transport into captivity

KJV Usage: (bring away, carry, carry away, lead, lead away, take) captive (-s), drive (take) away.

H7618 שׁבוּ she bû
she bû
From an unused root (probably identical with that of H7617 through the idea of subdivision into flashes or streamers (compare H7632)) meaning to flame; a gem (from its sparkle), probably the agate

KJV Usage: agate.

H7619 שׁוּבאל שׁבוּאל she bû'êl shûbâ'êl
שׁוּבאל שׁבוּאל
she bû'êl shûbâ'êl
sheb-oo-ale', shoo-baw-ale'
From H7617 (abbreviated) or H7725 and H410; captive (or returned) of God; Shebuel or Shubael, the name of two Israelites

KJV Usage: Shebuel, Shubael.

H7629 שׁבי shôbı̂y
From H7617; captor; Shobi, an Ammonite

KJV Usage: Shobi.