Matthew 19:6 Cross References - new

  6 G5620 { Therefore G1526 [G5748] they are G3765 no more G1417 two, G235 but G3391 one G4561 flesh. G3767 Therefore G3739 what G2316 God G4801 [G5656] hath joined together, G5563 0 let G3361 not G444 man G5563 [G5720] put asunder.}

Proverbs 2:17

  17 H5800 [H8802] Who forsaketh H441 the guide H5271 of her youth, H7911 [H8804] and forgetteth H1285 the covenant H430 of her God.

Malachi 2:14

  14 H559 [H8804] Yet ye say, H4100 Why? H3068 Because the LORD H5749 [H8689] hath been witness H802 between thee and the wife H5271 of thy youth, H898 [H8804] against whom thou hast dealt treacherously: H2278 yet is she thy companion, H802 and the wife H1285 of thy covenant.

Mark 10:9

  9 G3739 { What G3767 therefore G2316 God G4801 [G5656] hath joined together, G5563 0 let G3361 not G444 man G5563 [G5720] separate.}

Romans 7:2

  2 G1063 For G1135 the woman G5220 who hath an husband G1210 [G5769] is bound G3551 by the law G435 to her husband G2198 [G5723] so long as he liveth; G1161 but G1437 if G435 the husband G599 [G5632] is dead, G2673 [G5769] she is loosed G575 from G3551 the law G435 of her husband.

1 Corinthians 7:10-14

  10 G1161 And G1060 [G5761] to the married G3853 [G5719] I command, G3756 yet not G1473 I, G235 but G2962 the Lord, G5563 0 Let G3361 not G1135 the wife G5563 [G5683] depart G575 from G435 her husband:
  11 G1161 G2532 But G1437 if G5563 [G5681] she shall depart, G3306 [G5720] let her remain G22 unmarried, G2228 or G2644 [G5649] be reconciled G435 to her husband: G2532 and G863 0 let G3361 not G435 the husband G863 [G5721] put away G1135 his wife.
  12 G1161 But G3062 to the rest G1473 I G3004 [G5719] speak, G3756 not G2962 the Lord: G1536 If any G80 brother G2192 [G5719] hath G1135 a wife G571 that believeth not, G2532 and G846 she G4909 [G5719] is pleased G3611 [G5721] to dwell G3326 with G846 him, G863 0 let him G3361 not G863 0 put G846 her G863 [G5720] away.
  13 G2532 And G1135 the woman G3748 who G2192 [G5719] hath G435 an husband G571 that believeth not, G2532 and G846 if he G4909 [G5719] is pleased G3611 [G5721] to dwell G3326 with G846 her, G863 0 let her G3361 not G863 [G5720] leave G846 him.
  14 G1063 For G571 the unbelieving G435 husband G37 [G5769] is sanctified G1722 by G1135 the wife, G2532 and G571 the unbelieving G1135 wife G37 [G5769] is sanctified G1722 by G435 the husband: G686 G1893 else G2076 [G5748] were G5216 your G5043 children G169 unclean; G1161 but G3568 now G2076 [G5748] are they G40 holy.

Ephesians 5:28

  28 G3779 So G3784 [G5719] ought G435 men G25 [G5721] to love G1438 their G1135 wives G5613 as G1438 their own G4983 bodies. G25 [G5723] He that loveth G1438 his G1135 wife G25 [G5719] loveth G1438 himself.

Hebrews 13:4

  4 G1062 Marriage G5093 is honourable G1722 in G3956 all, G2532 and G2845 the bed G283 undefiled: G1161 but G4205 fornicators G2532 and G3432 adulterers G2316 God G2919 [G5692] will judge.

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