Exodus 30:23-38

Tyndale(i) 23 take principall spices: of pure myrre fiue hundred sycles, of swete cynamome halfe so moch two hundred and fyftie sicles: 24 of swete calamyte, two hundred and .l. Of cassia, two hundred and .l. after the holye sycle, and of oyle olyue an hin. 25 And make of them holye anoyntynge oyle euen an oyle compounde after the crafte of the apoticarye. 26 And noynte the tabernacle off wytnesse therewyth, and the arcke of witnesse, 27 and the table with all his apparell, and the candelsticke with all his ordinaunce, and the alter of incense, 28 and the alter of burntsacrifice and all his vessels, and the lauer and his fote. 29 And sacrifie them that they maye be most holye: so that no man twyche them but they that be halowed. 30 And anoynte Aaron and his sonnes and consecrate the to ministre vnto me. 31 And thou shalt speake vnto the childre of Israel saynge: this shalbe an holye oyntynge oyle vnto me, thorow out youre generacions. 32 No mans flesh shalbe anoynted therewith: nether shall ye make any other after the makynge of it for it is holye, se therfore that ye take it for holye 33 33. whosoeuer maketh like that, or whosoeuer putteth any of it apon a straunger, shall perysh from amonge his people. 34 And the Lord sayd vnto Moses: take vnto the swete spices: stacte, onycha, swete galbanu ad pure frakesens, of etch like moch: 35 ad make cens of them copounde after the crafte of the apoticarye, myngled together, that it maye be made pure and holye. 36 And beat it to powder and put it before the witnesse in the tabernacle of witnesse, where I will mete the, but let it be vnto you holye. 37 And se that ye make none after the makinge of that, but let it be vnto you holye for the Lorde. 38 And whosoeuer shall make like vnto that, to smell thereto, shall perish from amonge his people.