Exodus 30:23-38

  23 H3947 Take H7218 thou also unto thee the chief H1314 spices: H1865 of flowing H4753 myrrh H2568 five H3967 hundred H1314 shekels, and of sweet H7076 cinnamon H4276 half H4276 so much, H3967 even two hundred H2572 and fifty, H1314 and of sweet H7070 calamus H3967 two hundred H2572 and fifty,
  24 H6916 and of cassia H2568 five H3967 hundred, H8255 after the shekel H6944 of the sanctuary, H2132 and of olive H8081 oil H1969 a hin;
  25 H6213 and thou shalt make H6944 it a holy H4888 anointing H8081 oil, H7545 a perfume H4842 compounded H4639 after the art H7543 of the perfumer: H6944 it shall be a holy H4888 anointing H8081 oil.
  26 H4886 And thou shalt anoint H168 therewith the tent H4150 of meeting, H727 and the ark H5715 of the testimony,
  27 H7979 and the table H3627 and all the vessels H4501 thereof, and the candlestick H3627 and the vessels H4196 thereof, and the altar H7004 of incense,
  28 H4196 and the altar H5930 of burnt-offering H3627 with all the vessels H3595 thereof, and the laver H3653 and the base thereof.
  29 H6942 And thou shalt sanctify H6944 them, that they may be most H6944 holy: H5060 whatsoever toucheth H6942 them shall be holy.
  30 H4886 And thou shalt anoint H175 Aaron H1121 and his sons, H6942 and sanctify H3547 them, that they may minister unto me in the priest's office.
  31 H1696 And thou shalt speak H1121 unto the children H3478 of Israel, H559 saying, H6944 This shall be a holy H4888 anointing H8081 oil H1755 unto me throughout your generations.
  32 H1320 Upon the flesh H120 of man H3251 shall it not be poured, H6213 neither shall ye make H4971 any like it, according to the composition H6944 thereof: it is holy, H6944 and it shall be holy unto you.
  33 H834 Whosoever H7543 compoundeth H5414 any like it, or whosoever putteth H2114 any of it upon a stranger, H3772 he shall be cut H5971 off from his people.
  34 H3068 And Jehovah H559 said H4872 unto Moses, H3947 Take H5561 unto thee sweet spices, H5198 stacte, H7827 and onycha, H2464 and galbanum; H5561 sweet H5561 spices H2134 with pure H3828 frankincense: H905 of each H905 shall there be a like weight;
  35 H6213 and thou shalt make H7004 of it incense, H7004 a perfume H4639 after the art H7543 of the perfumer, H4414 seasoned H2889 with salt, pure H6944 and holy:
  36 H7833 and thou shalt beat H1854 some of it very small, H5414 and put H6440 of it before H5715 the testimony H168 in the tent H4150 of meeting, H3259 where I will meet H6944 with thee: it shall be unto you most H6944 holy.
  37 H7004 And the incense H6213 which thou shalt make, H4971 according to the composition H6213 thereof ye shall not make H6944 for yourselves: it shall be unto thee holy H3068 for Jehovah.
  38 H834 Whosoever H6213 shall make H7306 like unto that, to smell H3772 thereof, he shall be cut off H5971 from his people.