Exodus 30:23-38

ECB(i) 23 And you, take to yourself head spices: of clear myrrh five hundred and of cinnamon spice half as much - two hundred and fifty; and of spice stems, two hundred and fifty; 24 and of cassia five hundred after the shekel of the hallowed refuge; and of olive oil a hin: 25 and work an oil of holy ointment, a perfume of ointments after the work of the perfumer: it becomes a holy anointing oil: 26 and anoint the tent of the congregation therewith and the ark of the witness 27 and the table and all his instruments and the menorah and his instruments and the sacrifice altar of incense 28 and the sacrifice altar of holocaust and all his instruments; and the laver and his base: 29 and hallow them and they become a holy of holies: whatever touches them becomes hallowed: 30 and anoint Aharon and his sons and hallow them to priest the priesthood to me. 31 And word to the sons of Yisra El, saying, This becomes a holy anointing oil to me throughout your generations. 32 Neither pour it on human flesh, nor work any other like this formula - holy: and so be it, holy to you. 33 Any man who perfumes any like it, or whoever gives thereof on a stranger, becomes cut off from his people. 34 And Yah Veh says to Mosheh, Take aromatics - stacte and onycha and galbanum; these aromatics with pure frankincense - being equal: 35 and work an incense - a perfume after the art of the perfumer - salted, pure and holy: 36 and in pulverizing, pulverize it and give thereof at the face of the witness in the tent of the congregation, where I meet with you: it becomes to you a holy of holies. 37 And as for the incense you work: work not to yourselves according to this formula: it becomes to you holy for Yah Veh. 38 Any man who works like it, to scent thereto, even he becomes cut off from his people.