Job 11

Thomson(i) 1 Here Sophar and Minaian answering said, 2 He who speaketh much should be answered: else the fine speaker thinketh himself just; and the short lived offspring of woman is blessed. 3 Be not profuse of words, because there is none to answer thee: 4 nor say I am pure in works and irreprehensible before him. 5 But how would the Lord speak to thee; were he to open his lips against thee? 6 Indeed were he to unfold to thee the power of wisdom; because it must needs be double to what are with thee: then thou wouldst know that what have come upon thee from the Lord are answerable to the sins which thou hast committed. 7 Canst thou trace the footsteps of the Lord? Or hast thou reached the extent of what the Almighty hath done? 8 The heaven is high, what then canst thou do? And there are things deeper than the mansion of the dead; what dost thou know? 9 Of greater extent than the measure of the earth or the breadth of the sea. 10 Now were he to overturn all these, who could say to him what hast thou done? 11 For he knoweth the works of the wicked, and on seeing wickedness will not overlook it. 12 But man vainly floateth about in words; but a mortal born of woman is like a wild ass. 13 For if thou hast made thy heart pure, and lift thy hands to him: 14 if there be any iniquity in thy hand, put it far from thee; and let not injustice lodge in thy dwelling. 15 For thus will thy countenance brighten like pure water: thou wilt disrobe thyself of filth, and no more be terrified: 16 thou shalt forget thy trouble like a wave that is past and not be afraid; and thy wish will spring up like the morning star; 17 and life will arise for thee from noon day: 18 and thou shalt be in a state of security because thou hast hope. And out of sorrow and care, peace will shine upon thee. 19 For thou shalt rest at ease, and none shall be at war with thee: and many, changing their conduct, will intreat thy favour. 20 But safety shall forsake them: for their hope shall be their destruction; and the eyes of the wicked shall melt away.