Job 11

Matthew(i) 1 Then answered Sophar the Naamathyte, and sayde: 2 Should not he that maketh many words, be answered? Shoulde he that bableth much, be commended therin? 3 Should men geue eare vnto the only? Thou wylt laugh other men to scorne, and shal no body mocke the agayne? 4 Wylt thou saye vnto God: The thynge that I take in hande is perfecte, and I am clene in thy syght? 5 O that God woulde speake, and open hys lyppes agaynst the, 6 that he myght shewe the (out of his secrete wysdome) howe manyfolde his Lawe is: then shuldest thou knowe, that God had forgotten the, because of thy synnes. 7 Wylt thou fynde out God with thy sekinge? wilt thou attayne to the perfectnesse of the almyghtye? 8 He is hyer then heauen, what wilt thou do? Deper then the hell, howe wylt thou then know him? 9 Hys length exceadeth the length of the erth, & his bredth the bredth of the sea. 10 Though he turne all thynges vp syde downe, close them in, or thrust them to gether who darre check hym therfore? 11 For it is he that knoweth the vanyte of men: he seyth theyr wickednesse also, shulde he not then considre it? 12 A vayne body exalteth hym selfe, & the sonne of man is lyke a wyld asses foale. 13 Yf thou haddest now a righte herte, and lyftedst vp thyne handes towarde hym: 14 yf thou woldest put awaye the wyckednesse which thou hast in hande, so that no vngodlynesse dwelt in they house: 15 Then myghtest thou lyft vp thy face without shame, then shuldest thou besure and haue no nede to feare. 16 Then shuldest thou forget thy mysery, and thyncke nomore vpon it, then vpon the waters that runne by. 17 Then shuld thy lyfe be as cleare as the noone daye, and sprynge forth as the mornynge. 18 Then myghtest thou haue comforth, in the hope that thou haste: & slepe quyetly, when thou art buryed. 19 Then shuldest thou take thy reste, and no man to make the afrayed, ye many one shuld set moch by the. 20 As for the eyes of the vngodly, they shalbe consumed, and not escape: theyr hope shalbe mysery and sorow of mynde.