Job 11

ECB(i) 1
And Sophar the Naamahiy answers and says, 2 Answer we not this abundance of words? - justify a man full of lips? 3 - that your lies hush men? - and when you deride, that no one shames you? 4 And you say, My doctrine is pure! and, I am pure in your eyes! 5 But who gives that Elohah words and opens his lips against you; 6 and tells you the concealments of wisdom, that they are a double substance! Know that Elohah exacts your perversity of you. 7 By probing, find you Elohah? - find the conclusion of Shadday? 8 As high as the heavens; what do you? Deeper than sheol; what know you? 9 The measure thereof is longer than the earth and broader than the sea. 10 If he passes by, and shuts up or congregate, who then turns him back? 11 For he knows vain men; he sees mischief; no one discerns! 12 For empty man disheartens, and humanity births as the colt of a wild runner. 13 If you prepare your heart and spread your palms toward him; 14 if mischief be in your hand, remove it far away; tabernacle no wickedness in your tents. 15 Then lift your face apart from blemish; yes, be firmed and awe not; 16 because you forget your toil and remember it as passing waters; 17 and transcience rises above the noonday; you fly - you are as the morning; 18 and you confide because there is hope; yes, you dig and lie down confidently; 19 and you repose and no one trembles you; yes, many stroke your face. 20 And the eyes of the wicked finish off and flight destructs from them and their hope is as the expiration of the soul.