Job 11

MSTC(i) 1 Then answered Zophar the Naamathite, and said, 2 "Should not he that maketh many words, be answered? Should he that babbleth much, be commended therein? 3 Should men give ear unto thee only? Thou wilt laugh other men to scorn; and shall nobody mock thee again? 4 Wilt thou say unto God, 'The thing that I take in hand is perfect, and I am clean in thy sight'? 5 O that God would speak, and open his lips against thee, 6 that he might show thee out of his secret wisdom how manifold his law is! Then shouldest thou know that God had forgotten thee, because of thy sins. 7 "Wilt thou find out God with thy seeking? Wilt thou attain to the perfectness of the Almighty? 8 He is higher than heaven; what wilt thou do? Deeper than hell; how wilt thou then know him? 9 His length exceedeth the length of the earth, and his breadth the breadth of the sea. 10 Though he turn all things upside down, close them in, or thrust them together, who dare check him therefore? 11 For it is he that knoweth the vanity of men. He seeth their wickedness also; should he not then consider it? 12 A vain body exalteth himself, and man, newborn, is like a wild ass's colt. 13 "If thou hadst now a right heart, and liftest up thine hands toward him; 14 if thou wouldst put away the wickedness which thou hast in hand, so that no ungodliness dwelt in thy house; 15 Then mightest thou lift up thy face without shame! Then shouldest thou be sure, and have no need to fear. 16 Then shouldest thou forget thy misery, and think no more upon it, than upon the waters that run by. 17 Then should the residue of thy life be as clear as the noon day, and spring forth as the morning. 18 Then mightest thou have comfort, in the hope that thou hast; and sleep quietly, when thou art buried. 19 Then shouldest thou take thy rest, and no man to make thee afraid, yea many one should set much by thee. 20 As for the eyes of the ungodly, they shall be consumed, and not escape: their hope shall be misery and sorrow of mind."