Exodus 24

Matthew(i) 1 And he sayde vnto Moses: come vnto the Lord: both thou & Aaron, Nadab & Abihu, & the .lxx. elders of Israel, and worship afarre of. 2 And Moyses went hym selfe alone vnto the Lord, but they came not nye, neyther came the people vp with hym. 3 And Moses came & tolde the people all the wordes of the Lorde & all the lawes. And all the people aunswered with one voyce & sayd: all the wordes which the Lord hath sayd, will we do. 4 Then Moyses wrote all the wordes of the Lorde & rose vp early and made an aulter vnder the hyl, & .xij. pyllers according to the numbre of the .xij. trybes of Israell, 5 and sent yonge men of the children of Israel to sacrifice burntoffringes and to offre peaceoffringes of Oxen vnto the Lorde. 6 And Moyses toke halfe of the bloude & put it in basens, and the other halfe he sprenkled on the aulter. 7 And he toke the boke of the appoyntment & red it in the audience of the people. And thei sayd. All that the Lord hath sayd, we wil do and heare. 8 And Moyses toke the bloude and sprynkeld it on the people and sayd: beholde, this is the bloude of the appointment which the Lorde hath made with you vpon al these woordes. 9 Then went Moyses & Aaron, Nadad and Abihu and the .lxx. elders of Israell vp, 10 and sawe the God of Israel, and vnder his feate as it were a brycke worke of Saphir & as it were the facion of heauen when it is cleare, 11 & vpon the nobles of the chyldren of Israel he set not hys hande. And when they had sene God they ate and dronke. 12 And the Lord sayde vnto Moyses: come vp to me into the hyll and be there, & I wyll geue the tables of stone and a lawe and commaundementes, which I haue written to teache them. 13 Then Moyses rose vp & his minister Iosua, and Moyses went vppe into the hyll of God, 14 & said vnto the elders: tarye ye here vntyll we come agayne vnto you: And beholde here is Aaron & Hur with you. If any man haue any matters to do, let hym come to them. 15 When Moyses was come vp into the mount a cloude couered the hyll, 16 and the glory of the Lorde abode vppon mounte Sinai, and the cloude couered it .vi. dayes. And the seuenth daye he called vnto Moyses out of the cloude. 17 And the facion of the glorie of the Lord was lyke consumynge fyre on the toppe of the hyll in the syghte of the chyldren of Israel. 18 And Moyses went into the mountayne. And Moyses was in the mounte .xl. dayes. and .xl. nyghtes.