Exodus 24

Coverdale(i) 1 And he sayde vnto Moses: Come vp vnto the LORDE thou & Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and the seuetie elders of Israel, & worshipe afarre of. 2 But let Moses onely come nye vnto the LORDE, and let not them come nye, and let not the people also come vp with him. 3 Moses came and tolde the people all the wordes of the LORDE, & all the lawes. Then answered all the people with one voyce, and sayde: All ye wordes that the LORDE hath sayde, wyl we do. 4 Then wrote Moses all the wordes of ye LORDE, & gat him vp by tymes in the mornynge, & buylded an altare vnder ye mount with twolue pilers, acordinge to the twolue trybes of Israel: 5 & sent twolue yonge me of the children of Israel, to offre burntofferynges, and peace offerynges theron of bullockes vnto the LORDE. 6 And Moses toke the half parte of the bloude, and put it in a basen, the other half sprenkled he vpon the altare: 7 & toke the boke of ye couenaunt, & cried in the eares of the people. And whan they had sayde: All yt the LORDE hath sayde, wil we do, & herken vnto him: 8 Moses toke the bloude, & sprenkled it vpon the people, & sayde: Beholde, this is ye bloude of the couenaunt that the LORDE maketh wt you vpon all these wordes. 9 Then wente Moses & Aaron, Nadab & Abihu, & the seuentye elders of Israel vp, 10 & sawe ye God of Israel. Vnder his fete it was like a stone worke of Saphyre, & as the fashion of heaue, wha it is cleare, 11 & he put not his hade vpo the pryncipall of Israel. And whan they had sene God, they ate & dronke. 12 And the LORDE sayde vnto Moses: Come vp vnto me vpon the mount, & remayne there, yt I maye geue the tables of stone, & ye lawe & commaundemetes yt I haue wrytten, which thou shalt teach the. 13 Then Moses gat him vp & his mynister Iosua, & wente vp into the mount of God, 14 & sayde vnto the elders: Tary ye here, tyll we come to you agayne: beholde, Aaron and Hur are with you, yf eny ma haue a matter to do, let him brynge it vnto them. 15 Now wha Moses came vp in to ye mout, a cloude mount: 16 & the glory of ye LORDE abode vpon mount Sinai, & couered it wt the cloude sixe dayes, & vpon the seueth daye he called Moses out of ye cloude. 17 And ye fashion of ye glory of ye LORDE was like a cosumynge fyre vpon the toppe of ye mount in the sight of the children of Israel. 18 And Moses wente in to the myddest of the cloude, and asceded vp in to the mount, and abode vpon the mount fourtye dayes & fourtye nightes.