Psalms 62:5-8

  5 H5315 My soul H1826 , wait [H8798]   H430 thou only upon God H8615 ; for my expectation is from him.
  6 H6697 He only is my rock H3444 and my salvation H4869 : he is my defence H4131 ; I shall not be moved [H8735]  .
  7 H430 In God H3468 is my salvation H3519 and my glory H6697 : the rock H5797 of my strength H4268 , and my refuge H430 , is in God.
  8 H982 Trust [H8798]   H6256 in him at all times H5971 ; ye people H8210 , pour out [H8798]   H3824 your heart H6440 before H430 him: God H4268 is a refuge H5542 for us. Selah.