Hebrews 9:12-14

  12 G3761 Neither G1223 by G129 the blood G5131 of goats G2532 and G3448 calves G1161 , but G1223 by G2398 his own G129 blood G1525 he entered in [G5627]   G2178 once G1519 into G39 the holy place G2147 , having obtained [G5642]   G166 eternal G3085 redemption for us .
  13 G1063 For G1487 if G129 the blood G5022 of bulls G2532 and G5131 of goats G2532 , and G4700 the ashes G1151 of an heifer G4472 sprinkling [G5723]   G2840 the unclean [G5772]   G37 , sanctifieth [G5719]   G4314 to G2514 the purifying G4561 of the flesh:
  14 G4214 How much G3123 more G2511 shall G129 the blood G5547 of Christ G3739 , who G1223 through G166 the eternal G4151 Spirit G4374 offered [G5656]   G1438 himself G299 without spot G2316 to God G2511 , purge [G5692]   G5216 your G4893 conscience G575 from G3498 dead G2041 works G1519 to G3000 serve [G5721]   G2198 the living [G5723]   G2316 God?